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Will it be possible to relocate my employees to Ukraine?
Representative office in Ukraine: Our practical experience
When you don't need to obtain work permit in Ukraine?
How to get the residence permit: various ways to settle in Ukraine
Outstaffing: our experience and alternatives in Ukraine
Why foreigners need an individual tax number in Ukraine?
How sportsmen can obtain a work permit in Ukraine?
Type D Visa in Ukraine: how to obtain and what to do if it’s expired?
To register a financial company in Ukraine: requirements for the site
Assistance of a lawyer in court to a foreigner in Ukraine
Zero interest loan for Your firm in Ukraine: how to provide?
How can a foreign company organize outstaffing process in Ukraine?
How to increase the share capital of the company after its purchase?
Legal assistance to foreign companies in Ukraine: personnel issues
How is the invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine issued?
What passport to use to enter Ukraine if there are two?
Where do I register a Sole proprietorship for a foreigner in Ukraine?
How to open a bank account for a foreigner in Ukraine?
Partner for adoption agencies for adoption of children from Ukraine
The work permit in Ukraine was cancelled: what should the employer do?
How to buy a company with a license for electricity in Ukraine?
Can a foreigner open a company for employment in Ukraine?
How to buy a firm for employment abroad in Ukraine for a foreigner?
Do I need new passport for a residence permit by marriage in Ukraine?
Relocation of IT specialists to Ukraine in 2022
How can IT specialists enter Ukraine during the quarantine?
How to provide Refundable Financial Aid for your business in Ukraine?
Residence permit in Ukraine through employment
Registration of a charitable organization in Ukraine and recruitment of volunteers.
Ukraine work permit 2022: legal advice
What taxes will I have to pay when buying an apartment in Ukraine?
How can a foreigner open a public organization in Ukraine in 2021?
How to transfer money to Ukraine for the purchase of real estate?
Order a legal business plan for activities in Ukraine: what will it give, and what will go into the plan?
How to withdraw from the membership in a Ukrainian company?
How to buy an apartment in a new building in Kyiv for a foreigner?
Is it possible to transfer my business from the UK to Ukraine?
Concluding a marriage contract when getting married in Ukraine
I'm married to a Ukrainian for more than 2 years: residence permit?
I registered a charitable foundation in Ukraine - what next? How to work with charitable help?
How to change participants when selling a Ukrainian company?
Sign the marriage contract in Ukraine in 2021
Registration of IT company in Ukraine: steps, cost and terms
Can a foreigner buy a ready-made public organization in Ukraine?
Temporary residence permit in Ukraine through marriage
Registration of a charitable foundation in Ukraine
Temporary residence permit in Ukraine: benefits
Accounting outstaffing in Ukraine
Immigration lawyer in Kiev, Ukraine
How to issue a work permit in Ukraine in 2022?
Outsourced Accounting Services in Ukraine
Immigration lawyer in Odessa, Ukraine
How to get a temporary residence permit in Ukraine in 2022?
Temporary residence permit in Ukraine: renewal
Work permit in Ukraine for foreigners: who is responsible for the staff relocation?
How to get residency in Ukraine for an IT specialist and which way to choose?
Best immigration lawyer in Ukraine: how to find the right one?
Why is it worth investing in starting a business in Ukraine?
Open a construction company in Ukraine and get foreign workers for tender works
What documents do I need to apply for Ukrainian citizenship?
I sold an apartment in Ukraine: how can I withdraw money to my foreign account?
Getting a residence permit in Ukraine through the registration of a company
How to extend a residence permit in Ukraine during the war in 2022?
Terms and conditions of obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of America and Europe
How to keep personnel records and hire employees in Ukraine? Instruction for foreign investor
What taxes does a charitable foundation pay in Ukraine? Accountant for a charitable foundation
What taxes will I pay in Ukraine when starting a business?
A simple algorithm for registering a business in Ukraine: first steps
How to check the seller of the real estate in Ukraine?
How to create a business in Ukraine if there are several owners? How to fix relations in the company?
Comments on legislation
Foreign company’s representative office vs. LLC in Ukraine
How to register a representative office in Ukraine?
Is it possible for a foreigner to be manager of company in Ukraine?
Obtainment of work card for employees of a branch in Ukraine
Liquidation of branch office of foreign company in Ukraine
Employment permit as a ground for obtainment of residency (1)
Foreigner’s stay in Ukraine. Employment permit. Part 2
Is it possible for a foreigner to get visa after arriving to Ukraine?
How much does the visa to Ukraine cost? (Consular fees)
Regulatory advancements for stay of foreign management in Ukraine
Lawyer answers common questions about residence permit in Ukraine
Consequences of filing documents for residence permit close to deadline
How to register a startup company in Ukraine: process, cost
Employment permit for foreigners in Ukraine: common issues
Various types of representative offices in Ukraine
Receiving the residence permit by LLC registration: benefits
How to extend the stay in Ukraine for a foreigner during the war?
What to do if your work permit in Ukraine is canceled?
Temporary residence permit in Ukraine through the charity activities
Obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine on the basis of marriage
How to get the temporary residence permit in Ukraine for a child?
Is it possible to get information about Your future Ukrainian spouse?
Safe marriage: how to get a marriage contract in Ukraine?
How to start crewing business in Ukraine?
Surrogacy in Ukraine for foreigners: legal aspects of the issue
Diploma recognition process in Ukraine: foreign physician experience
How to open a restaurant in Ukraine as a startup?
How can I adopt a child from Ukraine?
How to start Your business in Ukraine?
How to get a building license in Ukraine?
How to start a security business in Ukraine to a foreigner?
Obtaining electricity license for business in Ukraine
How to obtain a medical license in Ukraine?
Head of a foreign company's representative office in Ukraine
How to the certify the documents when opening a representative office?
How to register a sole proprietorship for a foreigner in Ukraine?
Legal advice for concluding contracts in IT sphere
Permanent or temporary residence in Ukraine?
How to buy an apartment for a foreigner in Ukraine?
Why choose Ukraine for surrogacy process?
Liquidation of foreign company's representative office in Ukraine
Accounting of foreign representative offices in Ukraine
How to arrange a residence permit for the whole family in Ukraine?
Registration of residence permit and D visas in Ukraine
Register a trademark in Ukraine and other ways to protect the brand
How to do business related to e-commerce in Ukraine
Is it possible to open an electric vehicle charging station in Ukraine
GDPR in Ukraine: legal advice
Grounds for getting a Residence Permit in Ukraine
Temporary residence permit in Ukraine: FAQ
How to obtain a Residence Permit in Ukraine: terms, cost and services
Brand protection in Ukraine without trademark registration
Protection of personal data at a Ukrainian company: legal advice
What to expect from a trip to a notary in Ukraine?
How to open a pawnshop, currency exchange in Ukraine?
How to buy a ready-made financial company in Ukraine?
Terms of the investment agreement in Ukraine
Company incorporation in Ukraine with a nominal director
How to open a casino in Ukraine? Requirements for casino premises
How to open an online casino in Ukraine?
What should a website for online casinos in Ukraine look like?
Checking of real estate before buying in Ukraine
How to buy a company in Ukraine? What to consider when buying?
What requirements are set for IT workers for a residency in Ukraine?
Residence permit in Ukraine "turnkey": terms and cost
Checking a ready-made company in Ukraine
Where to get a business invitation to Ukraine?
How to get Ukrainian citizenship by roots?
Where to hire an accountant for your business in Ukraine?
Open a representative office in Ukraine quickly and easily
How to open an online store in Ukraine as a foreigner?
How to become an electronic tax resident in Ukraine?
Purchase of a charitable foundation in Ukraine with re-registration
To withdraw money from a Ukrainian company abroad: tips from a lawyer
What to do if the Migration Service of Ukraine does not respond?
I want to register a youth organization in Ukraine: how to do it?
How to get a permanent residence permit in Ukraine?
Steps and cost of registration of a representative office in Ukraine
In what form to register a business in Ukraine?
Can I get a residence permit in Ukraine through business registration?
Getting a residence permit in Ukraine through volunteer organizations
How much does it cost to open a branch in Ukraine?
Buy a ready-made business in Ukraine
How to transfer a foreign top manager to your company in Ukraine?
To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine, if your spouse already has it
Is it safe to register a firm in Ukraine to obtain a residence permit?
I want to open a branch of my company in Ukraine: where to start?
What are the grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine?
Who should get permanent residence in Ukraine?
Can the Migration Service refuse to extend my residency in Ukraine?
Getting a residence permit if your relatives already live in Ukraine
Can I sell my apartment in Ukraine if I am a non-resident?
How to get citizenship in Ukraine in 2022?
Legal audit of investments in Ukraine by examples
How to buy an apartment in Kyiv safely for a foreigner?
I want to buy an office in Kyiv: how do I do that?
Terms and cost of accreditation of a foreign non-governmental organization in Ukraine
Is it possible to open a company in Ukraine to supply electricity to Europe during the war?
How to open a foreign medical center in Ukraine?
How to sell an apartment in Ukraine: issues of money transfers and recovery of lost documents
Find an accountant and a lawyer for a charitable organization in Ukraine
Invalidation of decisions of general meeting of shareholders
New procedure of work permit obtainment by IT specialists in Ukraine
Drastic reduction of the fee for registration of a representative office
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News on work permits and other documents for foreigners in Ukraine
Obligation of using corporate seals by companies is cancelled
New rules on issuance visa for foreigners
New rules on activity of employment agencies in foreign countries
Instruction on the procedure of alimony recovery
From now on foreigners do not have to leave Ukraine for D type visa
National Bank of Ukraine simplifies opening of bank accounts in Ukraine
Can a foreigner buy land in Ukraine? Land market news in Ukraine
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