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How to start Your business in Ukraine?

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If You are looking for an answer to this question, it means You understand or think about the advantages of the Ukrainian territory for starting and doing business. 

When opening a firm in Ukraine, You solve two important tasks at once: provide yourself with the opportunity to get a residence permit and lay the foundation for Your further prosperous life in Ukraine.

Today we will discuss these two aspects of a startup in Ukraine: obtaining a residence permit for a beginner businessman and why You should choose Ukraine as Your place of residence.

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How a foreign businessman can obtain a residence permit in Ukraine?

If you decide to get a residence permit in Ukraine with a swing at the future business, you have two options:

  • by investing;
  • through employment as a manager of the company.

Each of the methods provides its own order and set of documents necessary for such procedure.

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For example, the procedure of investing, requires the submission of such specific documents (in addition to the main set of documents, which our lawyers can tell You about):

  • copies of the Charter of company or commercial contract evidencing investment activity; 
  • certificate from the bank on receipt of funds into the Ukrainian economy - foreign currency in the amount of at least one hundred thousand euros. 

Important! The sum in foreign currency, as in any other monetary transaction in Ukraine, must be converted into the national currency - hryvnia.

If we are talking about the procedure for obtaining a residence permit through employment, it requires for a number of mandatory actions: 

  • registration of a legal entity where the foreigner will be a founder and the director - a nominee, who will release his position when required. We wrote earlier, why it is important that at the stage of registration, the director in the company must be a citizen of Ukraine;
  • obtaining a non-resident employment permit from a registered LLC; 
  • a foreigner obtaining a type D Visa on the basis of a work permit and registering it as a company director. 

It should be said that despite the seeming complexity and multistage, the employment option requires much less investment at the start. Even more so, with a qualified lawyer, the whole procedure can be carried out quickly and easily.

As a result, you can get a residence permit and ready for work firm.

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What can Ukraine offer to You?

Many people choose Ukraine as a platform for their startup because of its geographically advantageous location and low tax burden.

Not only is Ukraine itself a developed country with a large market, but it is also conveniently located almost in the heart of Europe. Sea access and borders with several European countries, as well as an established transport system, create all the conditions for profitable trade, if this is what You expect. 

Another huge advantage is the relatively low cost of starting a business. We can help You calculate the costs ahead and work out the optimal scheme of the business.

And of course, what makes many people stay in Ukraine is the comfort of living. Significantly lower prices for accommodation and meals in combination with friendly people and stunning nature - something that can make Your life more pleasant and business more successful.

If You need assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine or the registration of the company for further business here - call us!

Views: 1551
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