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Help already existing organization to get non-profit status

What we do

  • Check whether your statutory documents allow you to qualify for non-profit status;

  • Suggest changes if this will increase your chances of obtaining the status and passing the tax verification;

  • Organize and supervise the entire process.

Help already existing organization to get non-profit status
From 500 USD

Lawyer for non profit organizations

There is a simple reason why we prefer to obtain non-profit status for those non-profit organizations that we register ourselves, and it is very simple - in this case we develop our own Charter from scratch.

And it is the provisions of the Charter - this is what the tax authorities will look at when making a decision to grant non-profit status, not to mention the fact that all your work as a non-governmental organization should be guided by the norms of your Charter.

This means that it must be thoughtful, logical, protect your interests and fully comply with the actual structure of the organization.

Therefore, our work on obtaining the status will not start with filling in the Application, but with analyzing your Charter and making changes accordingly to the law, if necessary.


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    Tip of the iceberg

    Obtaining non-profit status is only a small step towards full-fledged NGO functioning. We help not only to go through the whole process, but also accompany already-operating organizations in their work.
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    Our primary goal is not just to get you a status, or tell you how to do it, but to take care of the safety of your organization as a whole. We will tell you how to get on the registers you need and provide all the advice you need so that you can start working quickly and easily.


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Get non profit organization status in Ukraine

First of all, when you contact us, we will find out whether you have already received the non-profit status or whether you have tried to get it yourself. If you had - it will be necessary to check that the status has indeed been lost, and most importantly - for what reason.

If you could not get it on your own - it will also be necessary to understand the reason for the refusal and eliminate it.

Once we have removed all legal obstacles, we will need a copy of the Charter that meets the requirements of the law, the TIN of the head of the NGO and a power of attorney for our lawyers. From there, we will do everything ourselves.


President A. Netrebchuk, Ukrainian squash federation

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L. Sizikova, the first vise-president of the Kyiv CCI , Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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General director Skibinskiy V., Yokogawa Electric Ukraine Ltd.

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General Manager V. Abramov, PJSC "ORGREGIONPROEKT"

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Important to know

Where do we start and how long do we wait for non-profit status?

As a standard, with the normal work of the tax authorities, the application is considered quickly. If everything is in order with the documents, it will take only 3 days, plus a few days for paper confirmation.

In the conditions of the war in Ukraine, these terms may vary slightly, but we will keep you informed about the approximate time of obtaining the status and the progress of the case.

Once you receive your status, it will not need to be renewed or confirmed - it is issued indefinitely. However, you will have to update the data filed with the tax authority if there are significant changes in your organization.

We will start with a consultation, where our lawyer will ask a few questions and you will receive basic information about the procedure, its terms and cost.

Do you want to get a non-profit status for your existing organization quickly and easily? Contact us!


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner