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Legal analysis of the contract in Ukraine

What we do

  • We will listen to you and understand your situation;
  • We will offer our draft contract, taking into account all your wishes;
  • If there is such an opportunity, we will take part in them at the negotiation stage and will be in contact with representatives of your counterparty;
  • If you already have a contract draft, we will conduct a full analysis of it, offer our additions and professional point of view;
  • Help with writing additions to the main contract;
  • We will take on the management of the development of complex contracts;
  • We will take upon ourselves the development of a system of contracts that are needed for your activities, for example, IT;
  • In a controversial situation, we will take your side and help you with drawing up a claim and defense strategy.
Legal analysis of the contract
from 300 USD

Legal contract analysis

If you have come to this page, then you understand that you are faced with a huge piece of work, which is much easier and safer to shift onto the shoulders of a professional who knows how to do everything correctly.

We will name just a few of the possible risks that you will face when concluding a contract without a lawyer:

1. Simply being deceived. You don’t know the counterparty and blindly trust him? You are at risk.

2. Problems with taxes. Yes, this is also worth thinking about in advance.

3. Invalid contract. Your counterparty may have the contract declared invalid and you will be left with nothing.

4. Weak position in court. The contract is your shield, which you must prepare in advance.

Since you are already here, let's just tell you that if you are not afraid to risk the money or time invested under the contract, then you do not need a lawyer. If the risk is high, then the services of a lawyer will cost you much less than dealing with the negative consequences of an incorrectly drawn up contract.


  • plus

    Complex cases

    We also help with the development and analysis of complex contracts, for example, franchises or the disposal of intellectual property. We will help not only with the contract, but also with the initial concept.
  • plus

    Lawyers of various specialties

    It is a mistake to think that if you are planning to enter into, for example, a supply agreement, you may only need legal advice from a lawyer in the field of contract law. During the process, tax issues and even litigation may arise - we will offer you a whole team of specialists who can get involved in your task at any time.


Our lawyers will advise you!

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Analysis on the legal issues of contract

In addition to such aspects of the contract as its subject matter or the obligations of the parties, there are other nuances that are worth considering. However, they may not be obvious to a person without a legal education or experience in drawing up contracts.

For example, the language of the contract. Let's say the parties speak different languages - in what language can a contract be drawn up so that it has legal force? Of course, if you need the agreement to have legal force in Ukraine, then the language must be Ukrainian. But what about the other side? Should I draw up a contract in two languages or have it translated and certified separately?

Based on our practice, everything depends on the situation. For example, a translation is preferable in a situation where the contract itself is concluded in another country, but you need to provide it in Ukraine - and vice versa.

On the other hand, when it comes to foreign economic relations, we recommend not to bother and immediately prepare a bilingual contract structure.

Another interesting question is how do you write down the price of the contract if it provides for payment? After all, depending on the services or goods provided, as well as on your personal agreements, you can prescribe a variety of payment procedures. Starting from a fixed price, to dividing the payment in installments, setting an interest rate and even hourly payment.

The lawyer knows and remembers all such nuances and will work through them with you, even if you haven’t thought about them.


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Important to know

Lawyer for legal contract analysis

In addition to the contract itself, you must be extremely careful in choosing who you plan to enter into a contract with. How well do you know your counterparty? How much do you trust him?

Here are a few rules that we follow when selecting and checking the second party to the contract:

  • Should your counterparty have a license or special permission to conduct activities that relate to the subject of the contract? If so, does he have such a license? For example, you are planning to purchase certain drugs for your clinic - is your supplier authorized for this?

  • Does your counterparty have any pending litigation behind them? This does not scare everyone, but for certain types of contracts you should check whether your future counterparty is listed in the court registers.

  • Does your counterparty have any debts? This is not so obvious, and you may have to look for information. But it is possible to check for at least tax debts.

Of course, if you doubt your counterparty, the first thing we will do is check it and calculate your risks from such an operation as a whole.

If you need professional legal assistance when concluding a contract in Ukraine, contact us. You will receive the highest quality services in one place, and most importantly, you will be confident in your safety at any stage of the contractual relationship.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner