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How to obtain a Residence Permit in Ukraine: terms, cost and services

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The terms for obtaining a Residence Permit with our lawyers. 

The legislation provides for the following period of consideration of your fully prepared documents:

  • 15 days for the Residence Permit  documents;
  • up to 5 months for the Permanent Residence Card documents.

Our company offers a package of services for a “Turnkey Residence Permit”. We’ll help you to prepare all necessary documents within the shortest possible time.

The price of the “Turnkey Residence Permit” package is USD 2,400.

The period for obtaining a Residence Permit without legal assistance.

Legislatively, the period of consideration remains the same - 15 days for a Residence Permit and 5 months for a Permanent Residence Card. In practice, many are faced with the fact that even before the submission of documents to the Migration Service, a lot of time is spent on gathering and preparing documents. So, the only process of finding out where and how to notarize the documents, obtaining a work permit on your own, or just learning the intricacies of the law may take months of preparatory work.

Finding a place of residence, which is an obligatory requirement for a Residence Permit, is also one of the common problems.

The procedure for obtaining a Residence Permit in Ukraine.

The first thing to know when starting the procedure is that you must comply with the requirements of the law to obtain a Residence Permit:

  • The applicant must stay in Ukraine on legal grounds (without exceeding the period of stay, etc.);
  • The applicant must have legal grounds for obtaining a Residence Permit. You can look for Yours here;
  • The residence permit will not be issued to a foreigner with an outstanding criminal record in Ukraine;
  • Your foreign passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of submission of the documents package.

The procedure for obtaining a Residence Permit consists of the following stages:

  • Preparation of all documents required to obtain a Residence Permit on your personal grounds (this stage will be different in terms of time, depending on the grounds);
  • Submission of documents to the state authority;
  • Residence registration after obtaining a Residence Permit.

If You wish to learn more about receiving residence permit on the basis of the LLC registration - You can find the information here.

The procedure for obtaining a Residence Permit in Ukraine for CIS residents.

The entire residence permit procedure for countries such as Belarus, Armenia, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan remains almost the same as we described in the previous section.

The only difference in the procedure is that the citizens of the named countries do not need to obtain a D-type visa in Ukraine, and therefore you can do without additional departure and arrival in Ukraine. Find more information here.

Please note!
No need to obtain a D-type visa does not release you from responsibility for failure to meet deadlines and exceeding the legal terms of stay in Ukraine. Be careful.

The procedure for obtaining a Residence Permit for Russian citizens in Ukraine is the same as for citizens of any other country outside the CIS zone. That is to say, if a Russian citizen wants to get a Residence Permit in Ukraine, he/she will need to apply for a D-type visa and leave the territory of Ukraine once.

Documents needed to obtain a Residence Permit

The list of documents will vary depending on your grounds for a Residence Permit.

The standard set of documents is as follows:

  • A document confirming the grounds (e.g. a work permit, in case of a residence permit due to employment);
  • A visa in the passport (the fact of crossing the border) for citizens of countries with which Ukraine has a visa regime;
  • Other documents required for specific grounds.

Please note!
You may need to apply for a D-type visa. You can read the D-type visa guideline here.

Within 30 days after obtaining the Residence Permit, you shall handle the residence registration.

Extending a Residence Permit

A Temporary Residence Permit is issued for a period from 6 months to 3 years. But it can be extended if you wish.

The procedure for extending a Residence Permit is, in fact, the same as the initial procedure for obtaining a Residence Permit, with one difference - you don’t need to obtain a D-type visa again. But you’ll have to gather, prepare and submit all the other documents that were submitted when obtaining your primary Residence Permit.

Important point: You must file the necessary documents for extending your Residence Permit no later than 15 business days before the expiration date!

If you want to know what to do if your D-type visa expires, but you haven’t completed your business in Ukraine, please follow the link to our article.

What is included in the Service Price for obtaining a Residence Permit?

  • Consulting on obtaining a Residence Permit and a Permanent Residence Card in Ukraine, analyzing the Client’s grounds and finding the best solution;
  • Analysis of the documents available to the Client and assistance in obtaining the missing documents;
  • Review, preparation and submission of documents to the Migration Service;
  • Assistance with payment of all state fees and other charges;
  • Legal support of the Client in obtaining a Residence Permit, etc.

Depending on the additional services you may need, we can also help with obtaining a work permit, an insurance policy, subsequent residency registration (in Kyiv and Kyiv region), etc.

Additional expenses, which are not included in the service price:

  • State fee in the amount of 2 tax-exempt minimum incomes;
  • Administrative fee for the issuance of a residence permit;
  • Administrative services fee for a residence permit in Ukraine;
  • Bank fee;
  • Notarial fee for certifying documents;
  • Insurance policy.

Our company will help you determine the basis for obtaining a residence permit, as well as take care that the entire procedure was quick and easy, without unnecessary delays or problems.

We can
also help with registration of residence permit for your family or with the start of business in Ukraine.

Views: 1364
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