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Export of goods from Ukraine in 2022: what documents are needed?

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Despite the ongoing hostilities in Ukraine, many industrial and agro-industrial companies are now operating again and are ready to provide products for export to Europe, Asia and other countries.

One of the main documents that you will need when exporting goods from Ukraine is a customs declaration.

Of course, issuing the customs declaration is only a small part of the process of organizing exports from Ukraine. You will first need to conclude a contract with the supplier in Ukraine, arrange the logistics for the delivery of the ordered products, and provide the goods with all the supporting documents, including the customs declaration. 

Today we will talk in more detail about the customs clearance process when exporting goods from Ukraine. If you have any other questions, you can contact our experts for paid advice. We can arrange the whole process of exporting goods from Ukraine from A to Z for you.

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Who issues the export declaration and how long does it take?

A declaration for export of goods can be issued by a specialist who has a customs broker's licence and access to a special programme that transmits information to Ukrainian customs authorities. Most often these are customs brokers or specialised companies like ours that cooperate with brokers.

Timing of the development of the declaration depends on the number of items in the invoice. It can take 1-2 hours, or it can take two working days if, for example, the declaration involves 50 or more customs codes.

The declaration for export of goods is submitted electronically. The declaration must be submitted before the goods cross the Ukrainian border.

Standard processing time is 4 hours, but in case of additional questions at customs, this process may be somewhat longer. 

What goods are allowed and prohibited to export from Ukraine?

The list of allowed exports from Ukraine is changing all the time. This is due to military operations in Ukraine and the need to regulate the turnover of goods in the country. For example, rye, oats, buckwheat and salt may not be exported from Ukraine during the war. It is also prohibited to export phosphorus and potash fertilizers. However, nitrogen fertilizers can be exported.

Today it is possible to export wheat and a mixture of wheat and rye, millet, sugar, chicken and cattle meat, edible meat offal, and eggs without a license.

Our experts can not only tell you about the rules of export of your group of goods, but also help you in practice to prepare documents and cross the Ukrainian border.

Views: 555