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How to get Ukrainian citizenship by roots?

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If you were born on the territory, which later became the territory of Ukraine, or your relatives lived here, it means that you have a basis for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship.

And here our clients are faced with two factors: on the one hand, this basis is one of the most convenient for obtaining citizenship. You do not need to wait for a long time, live on the territory of Ukraine for several years before you can submit documents for consideration. And on the other hand - it is necessary to correctly prove your right to citizenship on this basis.

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How to apply for citizenship by territoriality in Ukraine?

Preparation for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship.

At the initial stage our lawyers hold a consultation for the Client, analyze the Client's situation and his chances of obtaining citizenship, offer an optimal step-by-step plan of action.

In the process of preparation we form a package of documents for applying for Ukrainian citizenship, some of which have to be translated and notarized. At the same time it is necessary to prepare an application for termination of citizenship of another country.

Submission of documents to the SMS for Ukrainian citizenship.

You can submit the package in person or through a representative on the basis of a power of attorney. Before submitting the documents to the SMS, our lawyers necessarily coordinate them with the Migration Service in order to avoid rejection in the future.

Also, our lawyers control the consideration of the application and are in touch with the authority.

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Obtaining of the Ukrainian passport.

You will be able to get your passport within 1 month after the final decision on citizenship is issued to you. We organize the whole process - you just need to come to the state body by the appointed time and pick up your Ukrainian passport. 

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Views: 1228