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What requirements are set for IT workers for a residency in Ukraine?

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Today Ukraine attracts IT specialists from Belarus, Poland, India and China. Many strong IT-companies have their offices in Ukraine, which is a big plus along with the low cost of living in Ukraine and comfortable taxation system. 

For IT specialists themselves, Ukraine is interesting because if you have received an official offer and are offered a permanent job here as a representative of an interesting and valuable profession in Ukraine, you can count on a permanent residence permit. That is to issue a permit at once for 10 years.

This option, of course, is interesting to those who plan to move to Ukraine for a long time. If you are considering a temporary offer - for a year or so, or do not yet have an official offer, but would still like to live in Ukraine - you can consider a temporary residence permit.

What requirements must be met?

We consider the case when there will be any requirements for an IT specialist at all - that is, if you plan to get a permanent residence permit through employment in a Ukrainian company. If you are going to get a residence permit - through employment, or through other grounds, there will be no special requirements other than the
basic ones.

The main requirement will be work experience - you will have to provide proof of more than three years of experience in IT, or in the specialty for which you are applying.

Many people may have problems with documents that would confirm such work experience. Given the practice of how it happens in the IT sphere - project work, work not through formal employment, but through service contracts - you will have to collect additional "evidence". We have had experience confirming sufficient industry experience with arguments such as Service Agreements in the relevant industry or Letters of Recommendation from former employer companies.

There is other data, which will be checked by the Migration Service when considering the issue of a permanent residence permit. So, you will need to present a diploma of higher education, which must relate to the field of IT, and show data about the income for a specified period. You may be required to provide additional certificates that show your qualifications.

Our lawyers advise each client on the full package of documents, which will increase the chances of successfully obtaining a permanent residence permit.

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Would a permanent residence permit in Ukraine be the best choice for a foreign IT specialist?

We often recommend that you pay attention to the permanent residence permit because it:

  • gives the specialist the opportunity to change jobs at will, which would not be the case with a temporary residence permit;

  • makes it possible not to worry about renewing the permit for a long time.

The decision whether you should choose a temporary or permanent residence permit depends on how long you are willing to wait for such a permit and for how long you plan to move to Ukraine.

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Views: 967
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