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How do importers from the European Union bring goods into Ukraine?

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Today, imports from the European Union are gaining momentum. The country needs support, and entrepreneurs in the European Union continue to discover a potentially interesting market.

Ukrainian legislation is trying to adapt to such conditions and creates additional incentives for such activities, for example, preferential treatment for goods from the EU - a system of requirements, upon fulfillment of which, the importer will pay "zero duty" for goods imported from the territory of the European Union.

When can I use preferential treatment to import goods into Ukraine?

The first condition is that the goods must have been imported from a country in the list of European Union countries. 

The second condition is the presence of such documents: 

  • the EUR1 certificate of origin;

  • other shipping documents for the goods.

The EUR1 certificate can be issued in advance or already at the border by the carrier. But it will be necessary to provide him with such instructions and authorisations. After all, it is in the interest of the importer, not the carrier, to obtain the EUR1 certificate. 

For example, our company takes care of all documents required for import of goods to Ukraine, including the EUR1 certificate, import bills of lading, etc.

Important! If the issued certificate does not satisfy the Ukrainian customs, a tax notification-decision will be issued and the importer will have to pay import duty on the goods into Ukraine.

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What are the requirements for the application of preferences for goods from the EU in Ukraine?

There are mandatory conditions for crossing the Ukrainian border with a preference for goods from the EU:

  • you must have a customs declaration for the goods ready and file a declaration of arrival;

  • the goods must arrive at the border crossing indicated on the declaration;

  • all documents required for the goods are available: DCD, invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, export declaration, preliminary customs declaration.

Important: You will need original documents in order to apply for the preference. If the certificate is not stamped correctly, you will have to spend time re-issuing it. And all those days you will have to pay for demurrage, customs control zone or customs warehouse, which will all become a cost of goods.

If you are planning to import goods into Ukraine, contact us for comprehensive support in this process. We are your trusted legal partner in Ukraine.

Views: 371