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Immigration attorneys helped a person from Iran to get visa to Ukraine

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Get visa invitation to Ukraine for citizens of Iran

In February of 2016 our law firm was contacted by a citizen of Iran who stayed in Ukraine and wanted to invite a friend of his to our country too. As was explained by our immigration attorneys, Iran was on the list of countries nationals of which required official invitation to get visa to Ukraine. This kind of invitation often referred to as invitation letter serves as a reliable ground for subsequent issuance of Ukrainian visa at consular establishments of Ukraine abroad.

The visit to Ukraine was expected to take place in the nearest future so things had to be done fast. After provision of copy of foreigner’s passport, we organized its translation into Ukrainian. After that we helped to get official confirmation of ability of hosting party (a Ukrainian who was a mutual friend of our client and the invited person) to provide sufficient financial coverage of the foreign national in Ukraine for the period of his stay.

As promised by our firm, the invitation was issued by the bodies of the Migration Service of Ukraine within ten days after the client provided all the necessary documents for visa to Ukraine. The invitation was formalized with consideration of expected entry date, for ninety days and two-times entry.

As soon as the invitation was received we mailed it to Iran for the invited foreign person to apply for Ukrainian visa at local embassy. Learn more about price of visa to Ukraine.

Obtainment of invitations to Ukraine from both individuals for the purposes of tourism or other personal matters and companies – for business visits to Ukraine is a part of daily work for our immigration law attorneys in Ukraine.

Please note that personal invitation allows to apply for C-type visa. If you plan on getting temporary residence permit, you should apply for a special D-type visa based on a certain document like work permit in Ukraine or other grounds provided by the laws of Ukraine on immigration.

You can learn about general procedure of invitation obtainment in the Legal services section of our website.

Contact office of our law firm in Kiev to find out more about services of Ukrainian visa obtainment by our lawyers.

Views: 3474