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Registration of the place of residence for foreigners in Ukraine

What we do

  • We prepare your documents;
  • We prepare translations;
  • We are preparing a draft power of attorney if you do not want to be personally present during registration;
  • We provide the address;
  • We carry out registration;
  • We provide migration services in a complex;
  • We issue instructions after obtaining a residence permit, if you want to do it yourself;
  • We will help you when changing your place of residence;
  • We provide any other advice regarding your stay in Ukraine.
Registration of the place of residence
from 300 USD

Place of residence registration in Ukraine

The issue of registering a residence address for a foreigner most often arises at the time of obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine. The fact is that after receiving the desired document, the foreigner undertakes to obtain a place of registration. Exactly one month is allocated for this procedure. At the same time, you are absolutely not tied to the place where you received the residence permit - any city can become your new address in Ukraine.

Such a requirement helps the state maintain control over newly arrived residents. Plus, you can then receive services that are usually tied to the place of registration - for example, a family doctor, etc.

Important! If you have such an address, great, we will tell you how to go through the procedure, or, if you wish, we will go through it yourself with power of attorney. If you do not have such an address, we will offer ours. It, unlike many offers on the market, is not a mass registration address, which would immediately become a risk for you.


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    All migration services in one place

    In our company you can receive any legal service related to your relocation or legal interests in Ukraine.
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    We do not offer mass registration addresses, because our main task is your safety and preservation of the residence permit you have received.


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Get a certificate of residence place in Ukraine

The procedure itself is very simple. You won’t need a lot of documents, we basically work by proxy, so you won’t even need your presence. The only key point will be to provide a document giving you the right to register your place of residence in this apartment. If this is your property - no problem - you will need to show a document of ownership.

If the apartment is not yours, your relationship with the owner and its legal registration will play a role.

The entire procedure takes literally 1 business day. Our lawyers usually provide this service in conjunction with obtaining a residence permit, or issue detailed instructions if a foreigner wants to go through the procedure on his own.


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Important to know

Registration place of permanent residence in Ukraine

Remember that declaring your place of residence and registering are slightly different things. We can help in both the first and second cases.

The issue of registration at a specific place of residence for a foreigner is critically important not only because of the risk of getting a fine - after all, failure to comply with the requirements of the law in this case entails a fine, but rather because of the risk of losing the opportunity to extend their stay in the future.

In case of re-registration or de-registration, the procedure consists of two parts - extract from the previous home and registration in the new one. In both cases, the owner's consent will be required.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner