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What to do if the Migration Service of Ukraine does not respond?

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It is not uncommon when you have submitted an application to the Migration Service for entry into Ukraine and further, for example, registration of a residence permit in Ukraine, and you do not receive an answer in time. Time is running out, burning plane tickets, and you are still not sure that you will be able to legally enter the territory of Ukraine. What to do in such a situation? 

In this material we will tell you how to speed up the process of obtaining an answer from the Migration Service, including through a lawyer's request, and ultimately bring the moment of issuance of the document you need.

One option that can speed up the process and guarantee you a response from the Migration Service is to use the services of a lawyer, who will submit a lawyer's request to the state agency.

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What is a lawyer's inquiry in Ukraine?

The problem with the terms of issuing documents is also that officially they are about a year, but as practice shows - the terms can be extended for 1.5-2 years. To solve this "headache" our specialists offer to prepare a lawyer's request to speed up the process. 

A lawyer's inquiry is one of the tools in a lawyer's work, which is aimed at obtaining information or documents necessary to provide legal assistance to the Client. According to the rules, any state body has 5 days to respond to a lawyer's request, which helps clarify the situation in 95% of cases and reduce waiting time. 

The most common reason for delays during the processing of, for example, permanent residence permits or Ukrainian citizenship is the time limit for the issuance of such documents. The law establishes a deadline of one year. In reality, they are prepared for about 2 years, if you do not remind the body about yourself. 

The most complicated situation is when the Migration Service reviewed your documents, found mistakes in them, but did not notify you about them and left your documents with them until the end of the review period. This means that you simply lose time, which you could have used to correct mistakes in the documents and resubmit them.

How will our lawyer help in this process? 

We offer you the following services to obtain the residence permit you need for your stay in Ukraine:

  • consultation of the lawyer with the analysis of the situation of the Client and recommendations for the optimal solution of the problem;

  • we accompany the receipt of permanent residence permit, residence permit and citizenship in Ukraine;

  • organizing the signing of the contract between the Client and the lawyer;

  • prepare the lawyer's request for submission to the SMS, the Border Service and the Security Service of Ukraine;

  • supervising the receipt of answer from the state body;

  • eliminate mistakes made by the Client when submitting documents.

Do you need help with entry and legalization of stay in Ukraine? Please contact us! We will accompany the whole procedure of obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine from the beginning to the end.

Views: 787
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