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How to open a foreign medical center in Ukraine?

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The medical business is an activity that will always be in demand. Especially during such periods as epidemics or war - medical centers with a wide range of services are needed, as well as narrowly specific institutions - rehabilitation centers, psychological assistance centers, blood transfusion centers, etc.

Today we are approached by foreign entrepreneurs who want to help Ukraine and are planning to do so by opening medical centers throughout Ukraine. Some of them prefer to act through charity projects collecting and distributing donations and assistance to already existing medical facilities. Others prefer to take the chance to enter the medical business in Ukraine today and plan to open clinics and medical centers in Kyiv, Lviv, and other safe regions.

Our company provides comprehensive assistance in opening medical centers in Ukraine, so today we will share our experience and tell you what you need to consider for a foreign investor in opening a clinic in Ukraine. If you just want to invest profitably, but do not want to get into all technical nuances of the process - contact our experts for full support of medical business start-up.

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Components of a medical center in Ukraine

If we talk about the legal component of preparing a business to start, it will require registering a company or a sole proprietorship to operate in Ukraine, becoming registered with the tax authorities and obtaining a license.

Our first step is the selection of the correct form of business registration for the client. Immediately we can say that in the case of foreign clients, we recommend the form of LLC - it gives much more opportunities for business development in Ukraine, for the management of such business etc.

Moreover, the form of LLC facilitates the work of the center, if your counterparts will be other legal entities - for example, when purchasing drugs or equipment for the clinic.

Moreover, obtaining a medical license for a sole proprietorship is possible only if he himself has a medical education. An LLC, on the other hand, hires specialist doctors and simply lists them on the statements when submitting documents for a medical license.

The second component of starting a medical business in Ukraine will be obtaining a medical license, since such activities require mandatory permits. In order to obtain a license you will have to meet the licensing requirements. Read more about them.

How to choose a building/premises for a clinic in Ukraine?

The premises for a medical institution are the first requirement in the list for a medical license. Even before submitting documents to the Ministry of Health, the compliance of such premises will have to be confirmed by obtaining an SES Act for the premises.

Of course, this can be a freestanding building, or a room that you will rent/buy in an already constructed building. The main thing is that it must meet the size and location requirements.

We usually guide the client right away about the size, number and structure of the room needed for his project.

Basic rules:

  • Only non-residential premises;

  • The first or second floor of a building. Exception - a separate building that houses only your clinic;

  • All communications are connected;

  • Minimum office size - 14 sq.m. per doctor. There are exceptions for different types of premises - you need to check the standards for the area of each office and with the norms of the SSN, adopted in Ukraine. 

Where to buy equipment for the clinic in Ukraine?

If the medical business is not new to you and you already have proven suppliers of medical equipment - that's great. It is important only to check whether such equipment meets the requirements of the MOH in Ukraine.

Standard in calculating the business model for opening a clinic in Ukraine, the cost of equipment takes about 45-50% of the total budget of the project.

When calculating the cost of opening a medical center, it is standard to purchase equipment for 45-50% of the total budget. First of all, equipment costs depend on the specific services you offer.

When ordering equipment, it is important to remember that it has to be certified in Ukraine.

You cannot open a center and then buy the required equipment - it must be available before submitting documents to the Ministry of Health - each thermometer will need to be specified in the statement when submitting documents.

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How to hire doctors and other medical personnel in Ukraine?

Ukraine is known for having a very highly qualified medical staff. Even during the war you will have no problem finding staff for your clinic among Ukrainian specialists - many of them can work under contract at several medical institutions at once.

If you are thinking of bringing foreign doctors to Ukraine - remember that you will need a work permit for foreigners, and secondly, you will need a nostrification of the diploma of such a specialist. Therefore, for such a procedure it is worth allocating additional about 2 months.

Important! Opening a clinic in the form of a legal entity requires a vacancy such as a medical and general director. Today, the CEO must have some experience in the field of medicine, or a diploma of certain specialties.

All data about each medical worker will also need to be specified in the statements that are submitted when registering a medical license. With each doctor and employee of the clinic will need to conclude an employment contract and then keep personnel records of the clinic. If you are not sure yet who to entrust with this - the service of the medical institution (legal and accounting) can be undertaken by our experts.

We also offer:

  • Development of business planning for the project in Ukraine;

  • Development of documents for obtaining a medical license for a center of any size;

  • Development of templates of agreements with patients and other technical documentation for the medical center;

  • Assistance with employment of foreign doctors - work permits, nostrification of diplomas;

  • Legal advice on conducting medical activities in Ukraine.

The cost of starting a business see here.

Ask our specialists about the cost of obtaining licenses.

Views: 485