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Ukrainian immigration laws set relatively simple requirements for foreigners who want to receive temporary or permanent residence in Ukraine of even its citizenship. However, in practice the requirements turn to be hard or almost impossible to comply with. This is why it is important to find a reliable lawyer to help you with immigration matters.

Having significant experience in the field of immigration law, attorneys of our law firm in Kiev will provide a wide range of legal services.

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Being a large country in the very center of Europe, Ukraine has a potential of becoming a leading economy in the region. With quickly developing IT, agricultural and other industries, it is drawing investments and businesses from around the world. These and other factors cause foreigners to visit Ukraine not only for touristic purposes, but also for business and family matters which require prolonged staying in our country.

Important to know

Ukrainian legislation in force provides a number of legal statuses which allow foreign citizens or stateless persons to live in Ukraine for prolonged periods of time. These statuses are regulated by the Constitution of Ukraine, different laws and bylaws.

For example, temporary residence statuse is regulated by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine number 322 dated 25.04.2018.

When getting the temporary residence permit, a foreigner retains his or hers citizenship, but can legally stay in Ukraine for prolonged periods of time (usually for one year).

Unlike the abovementioned permit, work permit by itself does not allow a foreign person to stay in Ukraine. It simply authorizes employment of a certain foreigner by the particular employer. However, it serves as a reliable ground for obtainment of temporary residency permit.

Obtainment of employment authorization document (work permit) is provided by the law of Ukraine "On employment of population".

There are other statuses, which among other things include citizenship, that allow staying in Ukraine.

Since texts of the regulatory acts are available mainly in Ukrainian and employees of the Migration Service of Ukraine as well as other related controlling authorities may not always be able to provide consultation in regard to your particular situation in English, our law firm can become your guide in complicated labyrinth of laws and practice of their application.

Foreigners who fail to comply with regulatory requirements may be subject to deportation which in turn will prevent the deported persons from entering Ukraine in future. Also, citizen of a foreign country may face administrative liability in the form of fines for non compliance with requirements of migration laws of Ukraine.

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