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Permanent or temporary residence in Ukraine?

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The question of what kind of residence and when to get for a foreigner often arises if he is invited to work in Ukraine or if there is a desire to move to Ukraine to start a business and stay.

Today we will talk about when it makes sense to issue a residence permit in Ukraine and what is the difference between the procedure for obtaining a temporary (TRP) and permanent residence permit.

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Who can have a residence permit issued in their name in Ukraine and what advantages does it bring?

A residence permit must be obtained by foreigners and stateless persons who:
  • got a work permit from the Employment Agency, visa D marked "Work" and came to Ukraine to work;
  • came to Ukraine as an employee of a foreign company's representative office in Ukraine, based on an invitation from such representative office. Such invitation must be certified by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. There should also be a visa type D with a note "Work in the representative office of a foreign company";
  • are going to stay in Ukraine on the basis of work in a branch or representative office of a foreign bank. The basis shall also be the invitation of such branch or representative office, certified by the National Bank of Ukraine, and type D visa with special inscription on the visa label "Work in the representative office of foreign bank".

Obtaining a residence permit will give You an opportunity to:

  • stay longer in Ukraine without having to leave in 90 days;
  • open bank account as director in almost any bank (without residence only a few banks will allow to open corporate account for a company with foreign director);
  • in some cases use advantages of Ukrainian tax regime.

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Which type of residence permit to choose?

We can say at once that the procedure for obtaining a TRP in Ukraine is simpler.

To do this, we will have to submit such documents:

  • application form; 
  • work permit; 
  • tax certificate; 
  • passport, etc.

We can provide you with a complete list of documents at the consultation, as well as help with their correct execution.

The TRP is issued within 15 working days from the date of submission of the full list of documents.

As soon as the permit is obtained, it will be necessary to apply to the housing maintenance office within 10 days to obtain the "Form No. 15" for registration of residence (residence registration) of a non-resident.

Of course, each situation is unique. Deciding exactly which type of residence type to choose will depend on your personal situation and future plans. 

We can explain to you
all the pros and cons and help you arrange the desired type of residence.

Views: 1377
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