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A Guide to Acquiring Permanent Residence in Ukraine through Ukrainian Relatives

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Ukraine, a beautiful country with a rich cultural heritage, offers a pathway to permanent residence for foreign nationals with Ukrainian relatives. This opportunity presents an exciting chance to connect with your roots while gaining the privilege of living and working in this vibrant nation. In this article, we will outline the necessary documents, the application procedure, and the advantages of obtaining a permanent residence permit through your Ukrainian relatives.

This is a good alternative if you are not ready to give up your current citizenship (dual citizenship is prohibited in Ukraine), but you want to be able to visit relatives in Ukraine whenever you want, or even live in Ukraine for a while.

Eligibility Criteria for permanent residence permit

To be eligible for permanent residence through your Ukrainian relatives, you must meet the following requirements:

a) Family Ties: You should have direct blood relations with Ukrainian citizens, such as parents, children, siblings, or grandparents.

b) Sponsorship: Your Ukrainian relative (sponsor) must be willing to submit a formal written invitation to the Ukrainian authorities, expressing their commitment to support you financially during your stay in the country.

c) Accommodation: Your sponsor should provide evidence of adequate accommodation for your stay in Ukraine.

Terms and grounds of obtaining the permanent residence permit in Ukraine

Required Documents

To initiate the application process, you will need to gather the following essential documents:

a) Passport: A valid passport with at least one blank page for the visa.

b) Invitation Letter: An official invitation letter from your Ukrainian relative, notarized by a notary public, declaring their intention to support you financially and provide accommodation during your stay.

c) Application Form: A completed and signed application form for a permanent residence permit.

d) Proof of Family Relationship: Documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, or other legal documents demonstrating your relationship with the Ukrainian sponsor.

e) Medical Certificate: A medical certificate issued by an authorized medical institution confirming that you are not afflicted with any infectious diseases.

f) Police Clearance: A certificate from your country of residence indicating that you have no criminal record.

g) Financial Proof: Evidence of sufficient financial means to support yourself before acquiring a job in Ukraine.

h) Health Insurance: Proof of comprehensive health insurance coverage for the duration of your stay.

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Application Procedure

The application process for a permanent residence permit through your Ukrainian relatives involves the following steps:

Step 1: Gather all the required documents as listed above.

Step 2: Submit your application along with the documents to the nearest Ukrainian consulate or embassy in your home country.

Step 3: Pay the required visa and processing fees.

Step 4: Wait for the processing of your application. The duration may vary, but it typically takes several weeks to a few months.

Step 5: Upon approval, you will receive a long-term D-type visa allowing you to enter Ukraine.

Step 6: Within 90 days of your arrival in Ukraine, apply for a permanent residence permit at the local office of the State Migration Service.

Step 7: Attend an interview at the Migration Service Office, where they may ask questions about your intentions and ties to Ukraine.

Step 8: If your application is successful, you will be granted a permanent residence permit, valid for an initial period of one year. After that, you can extend it for additional periods.

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The Pros of Acquiring Permanent Residence in Ukraine

a) Freedom to Live and Work: With a permanent residence permit, you have the freedom to live and work in Ukraine without the need for additional visas or work permits.

b) Access to Social Services: As a permanent resident, you can avail of social services and benefits available to Ukrainian citizens.

c) Business Opportunities: Ukraine's growing economy presents numerous business opportunities, and as a permanent resident, you can easily establish and run a business.

d) Quality of Life: Ukraine offers a high quality of life, with affordable living costs and a welcoming culture.

e) Educational Opportunities: Permanent residents can enroll in Ukrainian educational institutions, accessing quality education at local rates.

Acquiring a permanent residence permit in Ukraine through your Ukrainian relatives is an exciting opportunity to connect with your heritage and experience the country's rich history and culture. By fulfilling the necessary requirements and following the application procedure diligently, you can open the door to a promising future in this vibrant and welcoming nation. Remember to consult official sources and seek professional advice for accurate and up-to-date information before proceeding with your application.

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Views: 350