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What taxes will I have to pay when buying an apartment in Ukraine?

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In Ukraine, especially in cities like Kiev, Odessa or Lviv - there are no problems with the offer of apartments and other real estate. You can choose anything you like. And foreigners have the opportunity to easily buy the housing that they like - there are no restrictions.

So what is the difficulty? Why does this question generate so many questions? There is a large sum of money at stake. Naturally, you do not want to increase it even more - hence the need to clearly understand what taxes and official fees have to be paid on top of the value of the apartment.

Another important question is how to transfer money to Ukraine. First of all, you will need to pay for the apartment by bank transfer from an account in a Ukrainian bank. And secondly, which not many foreigners know - if you sell the apartment later you will have to confirm the origin of the money you bought it. And for this you need the same account and the correct entry of money on it.

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Legal services for support in buying an apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine

Beginning work on each case, first of all we find out the Client's ultimate goal: do you want to live in this apartment, or are you buying it for rent? Do you hope to get a
residence permit in Ukraine in this way? Or are you taking it for yourself as a profitable investment?

After clarification of your goals and needs, we will find a scheme for searching and selecting the right apartment, or we can offer another option to solve the problem. 

Our lawyers are taking care of the pre-sale check of the apartment, which is included in the price for real estate purchase support in Ukraine.

For example, not so long ago we were approached by a Polish citizen who spent a lot of time in Ukraine due to work. He wanted to have a permanent place to live, so he would not have to look for an apartment to rent every time he came to Ukraine. In his case, we obtained a TIN for him in advance, negotiated with a reliable bank and opened an account for him. The problem was that during his previous visit he had violated the terms of stay in Ukraine - some banks get this information and can refuse to open an account.

We not only helped him open an account, but also solved the client's migration issues, and then accompanied the purchase of real estate for him.

What taxes will a foreigner have to pay when buying an apartment in Ukraine?

In fact, the tax is the same for everyone, regardless of who acquires real estate - a foreigner or a citizen of Ukraine. It is 1% of the state fee. The percentage is calculated on the appraised value of the property, which will need to be done before the transaction.

If you want to sell this apartment immediately (less than 3 years have passed since the purchase) - you will have to pay 18% income tax rate, as well as several other mandatory tax charges.The same rate, but as income tax, is provided if you want to rent out an apartment. But here you can find a way out by contacting specially created agencies that will conclude a lease agreement for themselves, by your power of attorney.

Important! To be able to buy an apartment in Ukraine you need to get an identification code here and open an account in a Ukrainian bank. Our firm can make these preparatory procedures during 3-4 days.

Would you like to buy an apartment in Kiev? Turn to us! We will not only take care of all organization of the procedure but also help you to understand such questions as taxation and further manipulations with the apartment.


Views: 1689