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Protection of the rights of foreign citizens in Ukraine

What we do

  • We will provide you with legal advice in the area of law you need;
  • Help with the protection of your interests in transactions in Ukraine;
  • We will help you with the registration of documents in Ukraine, including TIN;
  • If necessary, we will provide legal advice online, before your arrival in Ukraine;
  • Develop for you a roadmap for a project or a solution to a legal problem you are facing;
  • Help with buying or selling real estate;
  • Help with the legalization of your stay;
  • We will give your consultation in tax questions;
  • Answer all questions you have in the legal field;
  • We will help with marriage registration in Ukraine and other family law matters.
Protection of the rights of foreign citizens in Ukraine
from 500 USD

Legal consultation for foreigner in Ukraine

Ukraine can attract you in many different ways. Many people come here for work, especially IT professionals who either get a good offer or simply want to take advantage of the low taxes on IT activities in Ukraine.

Many people see Ukraine as a profitable market for selling services and goods, which means they come to start their own business.

Some see Ukraine as a great country for a retirement plan because, if you have passive income abroad, living in Ukraine can offer a great life quality, for a very economical price. Not to mention the quality of medical services in the country.

In any of these cases, if you want quick and easy results, you will need a professional advisor. We are experienced in any of these matters, and will be able to help you.


  • plus

    All legal issues

    Our team has consultants on any legal issues that a foreigner may encounter in Ukraine. You can get all the answers in one place, without bothering yourself with a long search and checking other law firms.
  • plus

    English-speaking lawyer

    For all foreign nationals who are worried about the difficulties of communicating in a country with a completely different language, we will provide a solution. Our English-speaking team will make communication simple and clear.


Our lawyers will advise you!

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Legal protection for foreign citizens in Ukraine

Strange as it may seem, clients often come to us to order one type of service, but receive a completely different one. This is not because we don't know how to do something, or because we want to sell something else. On the contrary, we are not interested in performing tasks if the client does not understand whether they will lead him to the goal.

For example, a foreigner came to us with a request to open a FOP (sole proprietorship) in Ukraine. We could open it, take money for it, and then find out what else was needed. But our primary task is to find out what the foreigner wants to achieve in Ukraine. So our answer was - why do you need a FOP?

It turned out that the person wanted to live in Ukraine permanently, had a girlfriend here and planned to buy an apartment. At the same time, as an IT specialist, he talked to his friends from Kyiv and found out that most of them work as FOPs. But he did not take into account that obtaining a residence permit, which was his final goal, at that time through opening FOP was not possible. So we would have taken money for nothing at that stage for opening a FOP, and the client would not have gotten the results he wanted.

Instead, our consultant developed for him a step-by-step procedure for registration of residence permit, and then - a convenient scheme of work from Ukraine.

This is the task of an experienced lawyer - to understand what the client needs and how to give it in the easiest way possible.


General director Skibinskiy V., Yokogawa Electric Ukraine Ltd.

Yokogawa Electric Ukraine Ltd. recommends Vladimir Gurlov and his team of lawyers as a reliable legal partner and advisor for foreign businesses in Ukraine...... More information

President A. Netrebchuk, Ukrainian squash federation

Laywers of your firm did not only draft new version of charter in accordance with our requests and requirements of the amended law but also conducted examination of available charter documents...... More information

General Manager V. Abramov, PJSC "ORGREGIONPROEKT"

Upon requesting services of your law firm we received comprehensive information about representative office registration procedure, required resources and terms that helped us to assess the situation and finally reassure ourseves about the decision we made... More information

L. Sizikova, the first vise-president of the Kyiv CCI , Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry expresses its gratitude for mutually beneficial cooperation in 2012!... More information

Important to know

Our services for foreigners in Ukraine

The list of our services for foreigners is extremely diverse. We work with both foreign citizens and legal entities registered abroad. Our audience also includes international charitable organizations.

You can find out the full list on the pages of the website, or even easier - from our consultants. Either way, we will start with a consultation to help you identify your main goals in Ukraine.

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Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner