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Obtainment of license for construction work in Ukraine

What we do

  • We will submit a Declaration for you if you want to start work now, before the cessation of war in Ukraine;
  • After submitting the Declaration, we will help you obtain other documents to start work;
  • Help you open a company for construction work;
  • Advise you on what you will need to do as soon as licenses begin to be issued again;
  • Analyze your preparation as an applicant to check whether you meet the requirements of the licensing authority;
  • We will fill out and submit the application for you;
  • Help legalize squatter self-build construction;
  • We will accompany the work of a construction company from A to Z.
Building construction licence
From 700 USD

Construction company license in Ukraine

Construction has always been and will be a business with a high payback percentage. Despite the state of war, real estate prices in Ukraine are rising, and after its end an even greater jump in prices is predicted. That is why today developers do not wait, but boldly begin new projects.

The catch is that such permits are not issued during the war. Even before the war, it was almost impossible to obtain a license on your own. Only a lawyer with the necessary knowledge and experience of real cases could help you in this matter.

After almost a year of stagnation, the state has made a decision that will help you begin construction literally tomorrow - the start of work on the Declaration. On one hand, this opened the way to construction for everyone interested, on the other, it is important not to forget one fact - at any time the government may decide to renew the issuance of a license, and you will be obliged to obtain it, meeting all the requirements, in a short time.

Therefore, we now offer our clients a safe path - they begin work on the Declaration, but we fully prepare them for obtaining a license, making sure that they comply in all requirements. And at the right moment, we will join the process and receive this license.

The cost of obtaining a construction license will depend on several factors. For example, what kind of services and work are you planning. What do you want to get besides the license? How urgent is this issue for you, etc. Our managers will have a detailed conversation with you and determine the cost of services for you. We always clearly define this issue before starting work, so that you know how much the whole process will cost you overall and what you will get for that price.


  • plus

    Full support of construction

    We can not only get you a licence for the construction process, but help you with any legal questions you have, including putting the building into operation, obtaining additional permits and drafting the necessary contracts for you.
  • plus

    All types of construction licences

    We will help you obtain documents for the construction of facilities with different classes of responsibility. It doesn't matter if it's a civil project, a small building or a large residential complex - we will help you start and finish the project.


Our lawyers will advise you!

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Licence for construction work in Ukraine: terms

The requirements for the applicant will directly depend on what kind of work you plan to provide. You will need to provide a large list of information, including the composition of your employees, information about the manager, technical base and much more.

At this time, there is no guarantee that once martial law is lifted, the same rules and requirements will apply as before, or that the licensing authority will be operational immediately. But in this situation, our experience and the ability to clarify the requirements directly will help.

Previously, the license was issued electronically; you could find out about this on the inspection website.


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Important to know

Can a foreigner obtain construction licence in Ukraine?

This is one of those licenses that we often arrange for our foreign clients. First you need to understand how exactly your business will function. Most often, the simplest option is to open a company in Ukraine, which at the same time allows a foreigner not only to control his business, but also, for example, to become a director in it and receive a residence permit in Ukraine on this basis. Thus, he will be able to stay in Ukraine, at will, and manage everything on the spot.

Next, after listening to your goals, we will determine the types of work that will be indicated in the license, and based on this, we will determine all the information and documents necessary to obtain a license.

In the meantime, we will prepare the Declaration and other documents for you to start if you need such assistance. Our team includes lawyers with more than 10 years of experience in supporting construction projects.

Do you need help to start construction in Ukraine? Contact us!


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner