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Family law in Ukraine

Our law firm’s family law practice is represented by highly trained family lawyer in Ukraine who specialize in divorce, child support, alimony and other family law matters.
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Dissolution of marriage in Ukraine may be very complicated, especially if we are talking about foreign spouse or even both spouses that got married in a foreign country but want to terminate their marriage while staying in Ukrainian jurisdiction. Since welfare of clients is our major priority, we tend to use certain legal remedies, like litigation for example, as the last resort measures. Instead our family law firm use court alternatives like mediation. This does not only allow to save our clients’ money, but also to dissolve their marriages in the least stressful manner. Such an approach is especially crucial in situations when children are involved and family law advice is much needed.

However, if there is no other suitable solution of client’s problem our lawyers who represent litigation practice of our law firm in Kyiv will prepare all the necessary documents which will allow to get divorced in Ukraine for a foreigner or receive child support and divide property (or save property and money for child support/ alimony if claims of spouse have no merit).

Our family law lawyers will find the best solution concerning arrangements for children and advise you on financial implications of divorce.

Contract law attorneys of our law firm draft comprehensive prenuptial and postnuptial agreements which have already made life of many of our clients much easier due to unambiguous stipulations that protect their financial and other interests.

On the other hand even the process of registration of matrimony in Ukrainian jurisdiction, despite its relative simplicity, may become an obstacle for citizens of foreign country who want to marry Ukrainian citizen or each other.

Since our law firm, among other things, specializes in immigration law, the ability to resolve issues of family law is an advantage of ours since marriage of a foreigner in Ukraine (with the citizen of Ukraine) serves as a legal ground for obtainment of residence and subsequently even citizenship. Learn more about services for foreigners and stateless persons who want to live in Ukraine from our immigration law practice.

Since the majority of situations within family law are related to sensitive information, confidentiality agreements are a common practice for work with our clients. Your privacy is safe with us.

While providing legal services of the kind our lawyers cooperate with private and public medical institutions which may be involved in divorce, adoption and other proceedings. We can help you online if you can't come to our office in Kyiv.

We have extensive experience of work with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and other governmental authorities which is crucial for successful completion of marriage, divorce, etc.

When speaking about marriage laws of Ukraine one should know that matrimonial law in Ukraine is regulated mostly by the Family code of Ukraine. However the entire regulatory framework of the field consists of the Civil code, Civil procedural code, and a variety of laws and bylaws that are at times rather complicated.

So if you need legal services related to family law matters (or even if you are unsure whether your problem is related to family law), feel free to contact our law firm and we will help to identify the problem as well as offer some possible solutions for it. The consulting services can be provided online.

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