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What apartment do you need to buy to get the right to live in Ukraine?

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Ukraine has emerged as an attractive destination for foreign investors looking to obtain a residence permit through real estate investment. The country offers a straightforward process for acquiring a residence permit and even the possibility of obtaining citizenship, making it a viable option for those seeking to establish long-term residency in Ukraine. In this article, we will explore the types of residence permits available, the terms concerning property price, and the documents and procedures involved in the process.

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Types of Residence Permits you can get

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Terms Concerning the Price of the Apartment

To qualify for a residence permit through real estate investment, there are certain conditions concerning the property price:

  • Minimum Investment Threshold: As of the knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the minimum investment required for obtaining a residence permit through real estate was approximately USD 100,000. However, these figures may vary, so it's crucial to check the latest regulations before proceeding with the investment.

  • Property Valuation: The property valuation should be supported by official documents, indicating the property's market value. The declared value of the property must meet or exceed the minimum investment threshold.

Documents and Procedure

  • Purchase Agreement: To initiate the process, the investor must sign a purchase agreement for the real estate property with the seller. Ensure the agreement is in line with Ukrainian laws and regulations.

  • Investment Declaration: After acquiring the property, the investor must submit an investment declaration to the State Tax Service of Ukraine. The declaration serves as proof of the real estate investment.

  • Application for Residence Permit: With the investment declaration in hand, the applicant can apply for a Temporary Residence Permit at the local Migration Service office. The application should be accompanied by other necessary documents, such as a valid passport, health insurance, and proof of sufficient funds to support oneself during the stay.

  • Renewal and Conversion: After the first year, the Temporary Residence Permit can be renewed annually. Upon fulfilling the required residency period, the applicant can apply for a Permanent Residence Permit and eventually pursue citizenship, as mentioned earlier.

Ukraine's favorable regulations for obtaining a residence permit through real estate investment have attracted many foreign investors in recent years. With the possibility of obtaining permanent residency and even citizenship, this process offers an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking to call Ukraine their home. As regulations and requirements might change over time, potential investors are advised to consult with Ukrainian authorities or legal experts to ensure they have the latest and accurate information before proceeding with their investment plans.

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