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How to get a permanent residence permit in Ukraine?

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If you are aiming to get a residence permit in Ukraine, you need to remember that there are two types of them: permanent and temporary. Today we will talk in detail about the permanent residence permit and how to obtain it.

First of all let's focus on the advantages and rights that will give you a permanent residence permit:

  • be able to permanently reside on the territory of Ukraine while retaining the citizenship of their country;

  • be able to enter and leave Ukraine unrestrictedly;

  • be able to open a business in Ukraine or get a job here;

  • рave the same rights to medical care, education, volunteer and cultural activities as citizens of Ukraine;

  • enter into an inheritance in Ukraine paying the same tax as citizens of Ukraine, etc.

This type of residence permit is issued for 10 years with the possibility of extension, while temporary residence permits are issued for a period of 1 to 3 years.

Our company offers you to get a permanent residence permit in Ukraine "turnkey". This means that we will undertake all the organization of the process and guarantee you a successful permanent residence permit

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The process of obtaining a Permanent Residence Permit in Ukraine in 2022

According to the procedure established in Ukraine, it is impossible to obtain a permanent residence permit without personal presence. 

But all the preparatory work can be done by a lawyer without your presence in Ukraine. You will need to arrive in Ukraine for the application itself and the interview at the Migration service.

Our company offers you the following range of services for permanent residence permits in Ukraine:

We help not only with the legalization of stay in Ukraine, but also provide assistance with important issues that require legal competence, such as:

You need legal assistance in Ukraine on obtaining a permanent residence permit? Please contact us! We are guaranteed to find for you the best way to legalize your stay in Ukraine.

Views: 1013