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How to become an electronic tax resident in Ukraine?

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E-resident in Ukraine from now on is considered a foreigner who obtained the status of e-resident and registered in Ukraine as a sole proprietorship (FOP).

E-residency is of interest to those foreigners who may not plan to live in Ukraine, but want to be able to conduct business here and enjoy the benefits of tax residency in Ukraine. Some activities, such as IT activities, have tax preferences in Ukraine.

Since the status itself is a novelty for Ukraine, it is quite predictable that for the first time - for a year or two - soft and comfortable conditions will be provided for such residents to start their business in Ukraine.

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What kind of business can be conducted online in Ukraine?

Today there is a clearly defined list of activities that foreign e-residents can engage in in Ukraine - it is mostly IT activities.

Important! To obtain the status of e-resident in Ukraine, you need not only to register, but also to comply with certain rules of doing business:

  • You cannot use hired labor;

  • All accounting must be done through the electronic cabinet, which means that in Ukraine it is necessary to issue an electronic digital signature;

  • You can only perform activities specified by the law, otherwise you will lose your status as an e-resident in Ukraine.

As of March 2021 this status has not yet been enacted, but we can already find the best options for you to enter the Ukrainian market.

If you want to run your online business in Ukraine today, without waiting for the introduction of tax residency, we can offer you full complex of legal services.

If You plan to come to Ukraine often, we can offer You help with obtaining the permit residence.

You need help with the opening of an operating business in Ukraine? Please contact us! Our lawyers will help you not only with legal advice, but also with practical actions.

Views: 914
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