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How to obtain a medical license in Ukraine?

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Providing medical services in Ukraine is a promising area of business, which gladly welcomes skilled workers from abroad.

But to receive patients and provide any medical services in Ukraine You will need a medical license.

Today we will tell You how to get a medical license and what a foreigner who wants to work in the medical field in Ukraine should know.

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How to start medical business in Ukraine?

Basically, the process of starting the medical business starts as any other company registration for a foreigner in Ukraine.

First step:
LLC registration. We offer such a service for all our Clients who want to stay in Ukraine via LLC registration as it gives lots of opportunities for arrangement of comfortable life and profit making in Ukraine.

Second step:
Obtaining a work permit for You and registering You as a company CEO.

Third step:
Preparatory work for license obtainment. This includes:

  • Office space lease. Your health care facility must strictly comply with legal requirements. We can give You advice on what Your space should be and what equipment should be in Your doctor office. 
  • Obtainment of a Sanitary and Epidemiological Conclusion. This includes close communication with the state authorities of Ukraine and preparation of documents for obtaining a conclusion. We can take over this stage.

Fourth step: Obtaining the medical license. Up to this moment You’ll already have a ready-to-go medical firm, work permit in Ukraine and done preparatory work. The issuance of a medical license requires the completion of documents and their submission to the Ministry of Health.

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How can I work as a doctor in someone's clinic in Ukraine?

As a qualified worker, if You have a medical diploma and wish to receive the work permit and stay in Ukraine, You can do so.

Of course, it will require several steps:

This is a great option for those, who want to develop professionally and have the opportunity to get an offer from one of the clinics in Ukraine. Of course, this way You will be tied to a specific place of work, while the opening of Your company gives You the opportunity to develop personal business.

We’ve already described the procedure of diploma recognition in Ukraine in one of our articles.

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Documents for obtaining the medical license in Ukraine

As soon as the Sanitary and Epidemiological Conclusion is ready, You can fill all the required documents. We can help You with all the documents for the medical license:

  • Application for the license - your application for the license obtainment with basic company data.
  • List of submitted documents.
  • Statement on the condition of the material and technical base and the availability of personnel. This is the hardest document to be prepared as the license committee scrutinizes each document paragraph and the slightest mistake will result in the denial of the license. This document indicates, for example, the types of medical care that the institution will provide or what the institution's signage will look like. The document contains 11 paragraphs, the completion of which is often a headache for those who are not familiar with the licensing requirements.

Thus, based on our experience, one of the most difficult moments is to fill in the paragraph about the material and technical base of offices. After all, this paragraph should carefully specify the specialty, time of operation of the doctor, the area of each room and the equipment that should be in it.

Once the documents are finally collected and submitted, the licensing committee has 10 days to make a decision.

Of course, for a person who does not understand the intricacies of Ukrainian legislation, both procedures seem terrible and difficult to perform. But everything is solved simply and efficiently, if You have a highly qualified lawyer who knows his business. We always offer our Clients an introductory consultation in order to choose together the most comfortable and optimal variant of achieving his goal.

If working as a doctor and developing Your business in Ukraine, is Your goal - call us! We will help You to achieve it easily and safely.

Views: 4625
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