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Intellectual property litigation lawyer

What we do

  • Analysis of the situation and understanding of what can be done at this stage;
  • Consultation in the field of intellectual property protection;
  • Analysis of the documents you have and the level of defense preparation;
  • Developing a strategy for our joint actions;
  • Collection of evidence;
  • Preparation of pre-trial conflict resolution and its support;
  • Analysis of the possibility of a pre-trial resolution and negotiations with the second party;
  • Drawing up a draft of claims and evidence that will be submitted along with it;
  • Protection of interests in government bodies;
  • Post-trial protection of your intellectual property.
Intellectual property litigation
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Intellectual property litigation in Ukraine

The issue of intellectual property protection may arise in front of you an unlimited number of times. You have developed something unique, your idea, especially if it is successful, will attract hundreds of people who want to grab a piece of success for themselves. At the same time, intellectual property is one of the most tricky areas for protecting your rights.

Typically, we are faced with two situations where active action and possibly even going to court are required:

1. Disputes with government agencies, most often regarding the recognition of your rights. For example, if you apply to register a trademark and receive a negative response, we may challenge the decision.

2. Disputes in case of direct violation of the rights to your intellectual property by a third party. The most common case is using your trademark or the appearance of the packaging to sell your product.

In both situations, our intellectual property litigation attorney in Ukraine accompanies you through the entire process, focusing on the opportunities that the law gives us to protect you.


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    All types of protection

    You can try to protect your intellectual property in different ways. We will suggest the most reliable ones and those that should work best specifically in your case.
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    Legal team

    In our firm you will find support from specialists in a wide range of areas of law. This will not only help protect your rights, but will also give you answers to any questions that interest you.


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Intellectual property litigation lawyer in Ukraine

Unlike other types of conflicts, intellectual property is an area in which, unfortunately, pre-trial conflict resolution rarely works. Of course, the lawyer will consider this possibility and negotiate with the other party, but usually you need to act quickly, and the percentage of solving the problem positively in this way is too small.

But it is imperative to draw up a claim, submit it to the defendant and record this fact.

The problem also lies in the fact that often the issue comes to the international stage. You registered a brand in another country, but want to protect it in Ukraine - how can this be done? Or even more interesting - the trademark is registered in Ukraine, you have branded packaging and type of product, and the offender, having counterfeited all this, is trying to import and sell his product abroad.

A timely appeal to the court will help you quickly stop the violation of your rights, even stop such import of goods if you provide correctly formulated evidence.


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President A. Netrebchuk, Ukrainian squash federation

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Important to know

Is it possible to fight the Internet?

If we are talking about copyrights, then over the past 5 years the Internet has become the main place for copyright infringement. And with the development of AI, such violations generally reach an unprecedented level. Is it possible to fight against violators on the Internet?

We can confidently say that there are always chances. In judicial practice there are already positive decisions even when rights were violated in the chats of the Telegram application. You can not only fight any technology, but also turn it to your advantage.

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Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner