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Services of NGO (civil society organization) registration in Ukraine

What we do

List of legal services which we provide during civil society organization (NGO) registration procedure:

  • consultations via email, telephone, Skype on all NGO formation related issues;
  • preparation of charter (articles of incorporation), protocol (minutes) on establishment of organization and other necessary documents;
  • representation of client in relations with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, filing and receiving of documents, provision of necessary explanations to governmental authorities;
  • obtainment of organization’s signet (seal, stamp);
  • registration of organization in the register of non-profit (not-for-profit) organizations which grants the right to avoid payment of income tax.
  • if necessary we register separate chapters of NGO in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa and other cities and regions of Ukraine.
Registration of a NGO
from 475 USD

Registration of non-governmental organization in Ukraine

Our lawyers have considerable experience of NGOs (civic society organizations) registration in Ukraine. Since the beginning of 2016 more than a hundred of NGOs of different types (international, all-Ukrainian, local) were registered by our law firm. 

Lawyers representing our firm’s non-profit organizations practice provide legal services not only to national clients, but also to international ones that conduct their activities either in the form of domestic Ukrainian NGOs or as accredited subsidiaries of foreign non-governmental organizations.

We register NGO with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in Kiev or other city like Kharkov, Odessa and others within an average of 5 days. After it we launch the procedure of inclusion of newly formed non-governmental organization (CSO) in the register of non-profit organizations which takes about 10 more business days.

During start of our work we can discuss such additional services as getting an all-Ukrainian status or drafting not typical charter of a non-governmental organization and their price beforehand.


Our lawyers will advise you!

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Required documents

  • Copies of passports and identification codes of all founders
  • Information about name, address, directions of organization’s activity
  • Copies of passports and identification codes of all management’s members

Documents for registration of NGO in Ukraine

For registration of NGO in Kiev or other city of Ukraine our Client has to provide us with the following documents and information:

  • information about individuals acting as founders/articles of incorporation (charters) for legal entities acting as founders;
  • a short description of future organization (name, address, mission and tasks);
  • information about management board and individuals constituting it;
  • contact information: places of work, positions and telephone numbers of management board members.

Charter (articles of incorporation) and protocol (minutes) on establishment of NGO are prepared by our lawyers. They are based on typical (standard) samples of our documents approved by the majority of registration authorities in Kyiv and some other cities of Ukraine.


President A. Netrebchuk, Ukrainian squash federation

Laywers of your firm did not only draft new version of charter in accordance with our requests and requirements of the amended law but also conducted examination of available charter documents...... More information

General director Skibinskiy V., Yokogawa Electric Ukraine Ltd.

Yokogawa Electric Ukraine Ltd. recommends Vladimir Gurlov and his team of lawyers as a reliable legal partner and advisor for foreign businesses in Ukraine...... More information

General Manager V. Abramov, PJSC "ORGREGIONPROEKT"

Upon requesting services of your law firm we received comprehensive information about representative office registration procedure, required resources and terms that helped us to assess the situation and finally reassure ourseves about the decision we made... More information

L. Sizikova, the first vise-president of the Kyiv CCI , Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry expresses its gratitude for mutually beneficial cooperation in 2012!... More information

Important to know

Status and types of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Ukraine 

NGO is an organization the main goal of which is satisfaction and protection of its members’ interests, as well as satisfaction and protection of other persons’ interests (legal, social, economic, creative, sports related, etc). There exist NGOs of disabled persons, tourists, sports related NGO and other types. 

The NGO registration underwent significant changes in 2013. Before that there were such types of NGO as: 

  • International NGO;
  • All-Ukrainian NGO;
  • Local NGO.

As of that period of time registration of international or all-Ukrainian NGO could be performed only by the Ministry of Justice Of Ukraine while local NGO could be registered by its territorial bodies. There existed a requirement regarding establishment of at least one local chapter in a foreign country for registration of international NGO and there had to be chapters in majority of regions of Ukraine for registration of all-Ukrainian NGO. Local non-governmental organizations could function only in their regions (for example, Kyiv, Charkiv, Lviv, Odessa, Donetsk), all-Ukrainian organizations could function throughout the whole Ukraine and registered international NGOs could function not only in Ukraine but also in other foreign countries. 

After January of 2013 all registered NGOs are equal and can function throughout the whole Ukraine and abroad, considering foreign law, without any additional permissions. At the same time NGOs are registered by local territorial bodies of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Also an NGO can be established and function with all-Ukrainian status.

An NGO can obtain all-Ukrainian status upon creating and registering local chapters in at least 14 regions of Ukraine. Ministry of Justice Of Ukraine then grants all-Ukrainian status to such NGO. After primary registration procedure, the NGO has to submit a separate application for obtainment of all-Ukrainian status.


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Who can be a founder/member of non-governmental organization in Ukraine?
NGO can be founded by individuals (citizens of Ukraine, foreign nationals and stateless persons) who reached the age of 18. Those between the age of 15 and 18 can be founders of youth and children organizations. In order to establish an NGO there has to be at least two founders. A person is eligible to join NGO as a member since the age of 14 (except youth and children organizations). Legal entities can also act as founders of NGOs in Ukraine.
Where are NGO registered?
The registration of public organizations and unions is conducted by the territorial subdivisions of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine at the organization's location. For the city of Kyiv and the Kyiv region is the Kyiv Department of Justice.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner