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Litigation in Ukraine

  • Analyze client’s situation in order to determine feasibility of litigation, search for options of pretrial settlement.
  • Draft and file complaints, cease and desist letters (infringement or demand letters), collect documentary evidence to support client’s demands.
  • Analyze judicial practice in Ukraine concerning similar categories of cases, estimate possible outcome of litigation.
  • Represent clients in civil cases, tort litigation.
  • Represent clients in commercial litigation.
  • Represent clients in international commercial litigation which includes representation in International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as arbitration ad hoc.
  • Represent clients in disputes with state authorities (administrative litigation).
  • Protect client’s rights in the European Court of Human Rights.
  • Ensure recognition and enforcement of court decision issued abroad in Ukraine. 
  • Ensure recovery of debtor’s debt which includes search of assets, granting of interlocutory injunctions aimed at prevention of disposal of assets, cooperation with enforcement authorities).
What we do

Additional information about the service

One of the major services provided by our litigation law firm is representation by attorney in Ukrainian courts. With more than ten years of litigation experience our lawyers specialize in civil and commercial cases, commercial arbitration, family and business cases etc.

At the same time, litigation support services are always preceded by analysis of feasibility of court protection. Many years of practice allow us to reach the conclusion that in some situations it is sufficient to file complaints with the counterparty in order to reach the positive result. This is why we pay attention to pretrial settlement of disputes and mediation in Ukraine.

litigation lawyers specialize in different areas of litigation: civil and tort litigation, corporate litigation, family law, business conflicts, administrative litigation which deals with disputes with controlling authorities as well as international arbitration. We also have experience with criminal litigation with foreign clients in Ukraine.

Usually, protection of rights by means of commercial arbitration is proceeded by identification of proper arbitration institution that is authorized to resolve the dispute as well as determination of applicable substantive law. Significant experience of our top attorneys allows to choose the most advantageous provision of applicable law in case when stipulations of client’s contact have unclear or ambiguous wording. And even in situation when applicable law of the particular country was not chosen, we can help to choose provisions of international law which are possible to be applied for the dispute resolution. We will find the right way to protect you.

We do our best to avoid long lasting and expensive litigation which is among our major advantages. Our top task is to find options of pretrial settlement of dispute. In most situations, a well reasoned and legally supported position reflected in the form of letter or complaint induces liable counterparty to discharge obligations in full or partially. Without any doubt our client benefits from this since he can get the desirable result in short term prospect.

Only when it is impossible to settle by pretrial means, we turn to court protection of rights which is proceeded by preliminary preparation of all the required evidence.

We can render services by entering the litigation process at any stage, including stage of appeal or cassation as well as stage of enforcement of court decisions.

Also our services include support of enforcement of decisions of foreign courts in Ukraine including those concerning recognition and enforcement of decision of international commercial arbitration.

We commonly do not provide help with criminal cases, although we can help you find respectable attorneys for your needs.

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