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What to expect from a trip to a notary in Ukraine?

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If you want to buy an apartment in Ukraine, get an inheritance, or take part in any other deal, you will most likely have to pay a visit to a notary. It seems to be nothing complicated, but even such a small stage of the deal has a lot of nuances, and improper execution of the deal at the notary's office may entail a lot of negative consequences.

Do you think that the notary should know everything he needs to do? Unfortunately, this is not the case. The notary is responsible only in his part of the duties and is not responsible for the terms of the contract you conclude. Moreover, there is always a "human factor", the notary may just miss something and your property rights will suffer.

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Rules of preparation and execution of documents when purchasing real estate by a foreigner

So you have chosen an apartment in Kyiv, and want to buy it. What documents will you have to come to the notary with?

  • valid foreign passport;
  • translation of a foreign passport translated and notarized in Ukraine;
  • identification code. Our lawyers can help with obtaining an identification code in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

Being at the notary's appointment, you should take into account the following points:

  • Ukrainian legislation provides for clear formulations, which should be specified in certain documents. For example, to obtain a TIN, it is required that the phrase specified in the power of attorney coincides with the one printed and posted by the tax service near the point of receiving these documents. The notary does not know such nuances and may miss this moment. 
  • The power of attorney can be issued both on the territory of Ukraine and in your own country, with its subsequent transfer by courier delivery. But here we again face the problem of using clear wording in the text. Thus, our lawyer can provide you with a power of attorney template, which meets all the requirements of Ukrainian legislation. 
  • If you do not know Ukrainian language, you should come to the notary with an interpreter. At the same time, not with anyone - but with a certified translator, who will be enough to show documents confirming that he speaks the language. Our lawyers will be able to advise you such a specialist and organize his visit to the notary. 
  • The contract must be notarized and executed either in a bilingual form or translated into the language of the foreigner so that the foreigner is aware of what he or she is signing.

If you do not want to know all the nuances of the procedure, but just want to quietly buy real estate in Ukraine, without any problems - we can take over the legal support of the entire deal. We will provide you with the contacts of our trusted notaries and organize the whole signing procedure ourselves.

We will also accompany you during the transaction and make sure that the purchase of the property is done with all precautions.

Views: 89
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