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Why foreigners need an individual tax number in Ukraine?

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Whether You wish to get a job in Ukraine, receive inheritance in Ukraine or stay here through the procedure of obtaining the temporary residence permit, You might need the individual tax number (ITN).

Today we will talk specifically on the process of obtaining the ITN, where You’ll need it and our experience with obtaining it for our foreign Clients.

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Why do You need an individual tax number?

The answer is simple: in any situation with the taxation process involved, in order to simply pay taxes to the State Budget of Ukraine - You will need a specific tax number

Moreover, a foreigner will need a tax payer’s registration card to open a bank account, get a credit card, obtain insurance, etc.

For work. In most cases, You’ll need an ITN for a work permit here in Ukraine. The tax number can be left out only in a few cases that are provided by international agreements or other conditions.

For temporary residence permit. Again, in most cases, when You wish to stay in Ukraine, for example, through the registration of LLC or charity foundation, You’ll need an ITN to complete the procedure.

How to get an ITN?

First of all, You’ll need to collect and submit to the local State Tax Service following documents:

  • translated and notarized copy of a passport;
  • an application form.

The registration process will take approximately 3-5 working days from the day of application form submission.

Please notice that our firm commonly includes the obtaining of the ITN to the service packages like temporary residence permit or work permit obtainment. This will require a power of our attorney and lawyers.

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What to do, if You need the individual tax number right now?

We had such case: a Client urgently needed to obtain an individual tax number - in one day, so he asked for help.

He already had a translation of the passport, which the translation bureau had certified. With one seal, the Client thought that he won’t need another one from the notary.

However, an additional seal from the notary was not the most difficult part here. It is not that easy to obtain an ITN urgently. After all, the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine prefers to check competence of a translator in the register, which takes some time. 

But, if Your translation has additional notarization - it can speed up the process, though still will require to undergo the checking process.

We can tell, that the fastest case of receiving the ITN for our Clients was one day. As it takes approximately 8 working hours in the Fiscal Service to process the application.

In case with our Client, we needed to get to the notary as fast as we could to do two things:

  • receive the power of attorney;
  • get the passport translation notarized.
As we have a reliable notary partners, we were able to organize all procedure within short timeframes.

We submitted the documents to the State Fiscal Service and handed the ITN to our Client the next day.

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If you urgently need to obtain any document, or get the temporary residence or employment permit in Ukraine fast and easy - contact us!

Views: 1978
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