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What passport to use to enter Ukraine if there are two?

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It is quite common for a person to change his or her place of residence and, having fulfilled the requirements of the migration legislation of the second country, remain in possession of two passports. Dual citizenship offers many opportunities, but can also lead to some misunderstandings.

We have met situations when the availability of two passports has caused controversial questions among Ukrainian citizens who entered the country with a foreign passport. Today we will consider such situations and tell you what to do.

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Entry rules if you have two passports

Ukraine has the principle of single citizenship, which means that a person with a Ukrainian passport will be perceived only as a citizen of Ukraine. And the second, third, etc. citizenship will not matter.

Here are two simple rules to help You avoid misunderstandings:

  • to enter a country, it is desirable for a person to present a passport of the same country (if he has one);
  • it is necessary to travel on the same document that the person entered the country.

What to do if you left the territory of Ukraine for more than 90 days and then want to enter the country again? 

There is such a notion as "breaking off relations" with the country, which implies an inevitable process. Many people think that if they leave the country for a long time, they will have to collect documents to return as an ordinary foreigner. Actually it is not true. It is not so easy to lose Ukrainian citizenship. 

Therefore, in most cases, such a person does not lose citizenship, which means that he does not need immigration documents, and can return back with a Ukrainian passport.

What to do if a citizen of Ukraine came to Ukraine with a foreign passport and has already overstayed the term of stay or otherwise violated the requirements of the migration law?

In this case, the first thing to emphasize is that you have Ukrainian citizenship. After all, it would be foolish to punish a citizen for violation of the term of stay in his country. 

However, since a person has already entered with a foreigner's passport, law enforcement agencies may try to hold a person administratively liable for violating the rules of border crossing, namely, entry under documents that contain false information. In such a situation, it will be necessary to properly structure your defense and prove the legality of actions in court.

With regard to other violations, it must be remembered that a person is a citizen of Ukraine, and in relation to him there are no most restrictions on movement and stay in Ukraine that may be imposed on foreigners.

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Views: 2996
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