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How to open an online store in Ukraine as a foreigner?

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Online store is an opportunity not only to reach a much larger audience of potential buyers, but also a chance to test the Ukrainian market even while abroad.

Online store in Ukraine - a chance to establish a supply of its goods in Ukraine and to open a new market. In this case, of course, it is important to understand that the organization of the online store has many challenges for the entrepreneur.

Our lawyers will analyze your business vision and will tell you whether it is possible to implement it in Ukraine, in what form and what exactly we can do for this.

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How to open an online store in Ukraine?

First of all, the business needs to be officially registered. We are not talking about selling goods through Instagram or Facebook, we are discussing the size of the business that will allow you to really make a profit and develop in the Ukrainian market.

For such possible development, you need to officially start a business by registering it in the form of a company or private entrepreneurship. The choice depends, first of all, on who you plan to cooperate with and who will be your counterpart. If you are planning retail sales with small turnovers - suit private entrepreneurship.

If your contractors may be other legal entities, you plan to hire employees, want to be able to quickly sell the business - then it is better to immediately open a company.

Of course, your business will need to be registered with the tax authorities, as well as to obtain additional permits, if they are required. This depends on the type of business you plan to conduct, the type of goods you will sell online.

Protect the main tool of your business - your website

For full protection of both the site and your goods in Ukraine, we offer the following legal ways of protection:

  • Trademark registration. 

  • Having a public offer on the website.

These are not all possible ways of protection. We can develop for you a scheme of opening a business in Ukraine and methods of its optimal protection at a personal legal consultation.

Do you want to open an online store in Ukraine and solve all the issues with supplies and taxes? Please contact us! We will help both with legal advice and with solving the problem in practice.

Views: 1154
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