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How to open an online store in Ukraine as a foreigner?

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Online store is an opportunity not only to reach a much larger audience of potential buyers, but also a chance to test the Ukrainian market even while abroad.

Online store in Ukraine - a chance to establish a supply of its goods in Ukraine and to open a new market. In this case, of course, it is important to understand that the organization of the online store has many challenges for the entrepreneur, as well as the organization of the offline business, which means you have to decide:

  • What form to register an online store in Ukraine? Choose sole proprietorship, LLC or representative office?

  • What taxes will you have to pay at the start of the online store and how to optimize the taxation of its activities?

  • Do you need a trademark registration for your products in Ukraine?

We offer you services on the start-up of your business in Ukraine. Our lawyers will analyze your business vision and will tell you whether it is possible to implement it in Ukraine, in what form and what exactly we can do for this.

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How is the registration of the online store turnkey with our company?

Online shop registration in Ukraine.

The main question we are asked is: "What form to choose - FLP or LLC? In fact, for the actual running an online store there is no difference, your choice you have to make on the basis of: 

  • the activity you intend to conduct (in the case of an online store, the goods you want to sell);

  • the volumes you expect to achieve;

  • Your personal vision of future business development.

Most often we recommend choosing a sole proprietorship, for example, if you are going to be the sole founder. But here it is important to remember that to open a sole proprietorship in Ukraine a foreigner will need a TIN, at the same time registration of the sole proprietorship will not give the right to obtain a residence permit, if you want to be able to enter Ukraine for a long time and not to bother with visas in the future.

Choosing the form of LLC for an online store can be beneficial if you plan to cooperate with large companies. Moreover, opening an LLC in Ukraine will give you a chance to get a residence permit in Ukraine through employment in the open LLC, or to hire a business manager in Ukraine.

Obtaining permits for your business in Ukraine.

The fact is that in Ukraine there are a number of activities that require special permits to operate, including licenses. For example, operation of pharmacies, sale of alcohol or tobacco, etc. So if your activity falls into such a list - you will have to obtain a license to start an online store.

Our company can help with obtaining any license for activities in Ukraine. 

In addition to the permit, any business in Ukraine will need registration with the tax authorities. The registration algorithm will vary depending on the taxation scheme you choose. Our lawyer and accountant will help you choose it.

Protect the main tool of your business - your website.

For full protection of both the site and your goods in Ukraine, we offer the following legal ways of protection:

  • Trademark registration - which is a lengthy process, but can be a great investment in the future development of your brand. 

  • Having a public offer on the website, which will immediately clarify your relationship with your customers.

These are not all possible ways of protection. We can develop for you a scheme of opening a business in Ukraine and methods of its optimal protection at a personal legal consultation.

Do you want to open an online store in Ukraine and solve all the issues with supplies and taxes? Please contact us! We will help both with legal advice and with solving the problem in practice.

Views: 595