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News on work permits and other documents for foreigners in Ukraine

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On the 27th of June 2017 President of Ukraine signed a law which putted amendments to the procedure of getting a work permit and a residence permit for foreigners. Keep in mind that these changes is a continuation of simplification an investment activity for foreign entrepreneurs in Ukraine.

Let’s examine changes about the procedure of getting a work permit.

There is a new term which is called “a professional high-paying specialist” who is a foreigner (or a person without citizenship) and gets a salary which is not less than 50 minimum wages. Practical meaning of it consists in an opportunity to work part-time (in Ukraine or abroad) without getting a separate permit for it, but only if a labor contract’s term for part-time job isn’t bigger than the term of work permit for main job.

The opportunity to have a part-time job is possible for other categories of foreigners but only during 60 days and in a case of replacement temporary absent workers.

There is a regulation for special size of foreigners’ salary – 5 minimal wages for public associations’, charitable organizations’ and educational institutions’ workers, 10 minimal wages for other categories. At the same time this rule doesn’t apply to foreign establishers, members, beneficiaries of Ukrainian legal entities which want to get a work permit.

Requirements of getting medical certificates and other documents are cancelled.

New permits will be valid for 6 months, for 1 year and also for 3 years. It depends on the size of official fees.

According to final clauses this law will come into force in 3 months after its official publication. The date of it is the 27th of September 2017. By the time the procedure of getting work permits will be held according to the old rules. 
Views: 3144
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