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Order a legal business plan for activities in Ukraine: what will it give, and what will go into the plan?

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An entrepreneur who is ready to invest his funds in the Ukrainian market must clearly understand even at the start all the possible risks and profits that such an investment promises. That is why we offer our clients not only to register a business in the chosen area but also to make a preliminary analysis and a business plan.

As a standard, before registering, clients are interested in the following questions: 

  • What is the best way to register a business in this area of activity? What kind of structure to prescribe for the business? 

  • What taxes will I pay in Ukraine?

  • How to formalize the fixed assets of the business?

  • How can I finance my business in Ukraine in case of need?

  • Is it safe to open a business in Ukraine today? What about possible raiding or unfair competition?

  • How can I register my employees? If these employees, for example, are foreigners?

  • Do I need a license for my type of activity in Ukraine? Do I need any other permits?

The answer to these questions not only allows the entrepreneur to immediately solve a number of technical legal issues, but also determines the future of the project in Ukraine.

We'll show you through case studies how pre-business planning helps you open a business that will make you a profit and will be easy to manage and grow.

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First of all: define your business goals

Even before we start looking for answers to the question of the best form of registration or the need for a license, we ask you to define your business goals in Ukraine. We will tell you why it is important by examples. 

  • Let's say you want to open an IT company, because Ukraine has a low tax rate for this kind of activity. But you want to work with foreign customers. This is possible, but immediately you can think about incorporation in jurisdictions closer to the customers. In Ukraine you can look for the right employees, and resell their services to a foreign investor. The subject of the activity also tells us right away that it is important to take care of the copyrights on software and other products of the company.

  • The entrepreneur has his own production abroad. He wanted to produce the same products in Ukraine by opening a factory and a representative office here. We analyzed his goals and activities and realized that the form of the representative office is not suitable for him - it simply will not be able to obtain all the necessary permits for the operation of the factory. It will be much more profitable to register a subsidiary company in the form of an LLC in Ukraine and build a corporate structure with several functional elements.

Understanding the nuances of different businesses and with powerful analytics, we practice a commercial approach to legal issues, and develop high-quality business plans for our clients.

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How business is affected by decisions made at the start

The first question that foreign investors ask us is whether there is a difference between opening a new company in Ukraine for oneself, as an individual, or creating a subsidiary, if one already has an active business operating in another country. Or maybe even sole proprietorship?

Of course, the criteria of choice are business security, the optimal scheme of company management in Ukraine and the convenience of profit withdrawal from Ukraine.

There are many factors:

  • What volume is planned? The more large-scale your business, the more complex its management structure, which means that registering as a sole trader is no longer appropriate.

  • Who will be your main contractors - individuals or other companies? If you plan to cooperate with legal entities, you will have to register a legal entity yourself.

  • Is it possible for an individual entrepreneur to obtain licenses or permits for the type of activity that you plan to do? For example, this is not possible for liquor trade or construction.

  • How many participants are there going to be in the project besides you? What share do you want to have in the business?

Working with each project our team:

  • Analyzes the Client's plans and needs and offers the best option for business registration in Ukraine;

  • Assists with tax optimization and the construction of the accounting system in Ukraine;

  • Assists with organizational issues such as opening accounts, their maintenance and service;

  • Assists with employment of foreign or Ukrainian personnel, the organization of personnel accounting in the company;

  • Provides consulting services on any issues of interest to the Client.

Business planning with us is a guarantee that you will get answers to the most important questions for your business at the start and will be able to enter a new market as prepared as possible. 

We also offer business follow-up service for foreign investors looking for a reliable legal partner in Ukraine. Reliable connections and qualification is what we offer you.

The cost can be found here.

Views: 496