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Claims for breach of contract in Ukraine

What we do

  • Conduct a detailed analysis of the contract;
  • Conduct a detailed analysis of those provisions and transactions where you believe your rights were violated or obligations were not fulfilled;
  • We will listen to your point of view and come to a common denominator of what result you want and can get;
  • We will determine what actions can still be taken, taking into account the deadlines;
  • Advise you on an algorithm of actions that is most likely to lead you to the desired result;
  • Prepare the text of the claim for you;
  • We will consider the possibility of recovering damages;
  • We will develop a strategy to protect your interests;
  • Representing your interests both in negotiations and in government agencies.
Claims for breach of contract in Ukraine
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Claims for breach of contract in Ukraine

By signing an agreement with a counterparty, you expect that, having fulfilled your obligations, you will receive the same from the second party to the contract. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen. And in this situation, the extent to which your interests are protected depends primarily on how the contract is drawn up. We will start with it, basing our defense strategy on its provisions.

Remember that in the case of protecting your rights in the field of contract law, even if you are initially aimed at the court and do not trust your counterparty, you must follow a procedure that will prove to the court that you have done everything possible to resolve the conflict. This applies to filing Claims for breach of contract in Ukraine. Filing a claim is mandatory in cases where money is at stake or if such a procedure is expressly provided for by the contract.

Our firm works not only with the best lawyers in the field of contract law, but also with specialists in other fields, which means we will look at the situation both from the perspective of taxes and from the perspective of the specific relations that you tried to regulate with this agreement.


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    We will help at any stage

    Remember that you have clear time limits for filing a complaint if you believe that your rights have been violated, receiving a response to it, and further actions. Our lawyers understand what needs to be done at the stage you are at right now.
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    Complex assistance

    Our team includes specialists in a variety of areas of law, which means you will receive legal advice depending on what kind of help you need right now. Tax, labor, import law - all nuances will be taken into account.


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Claim damages for breach of contract in Ukraine

Remember that if your counterparty has not fulfilled its obligations under the contract, you can demand different things from it: return the transferred funds, fulfill what was promised, pay a penalty if such was provided for in advance, etc. One of your possible options may be to ask for damages if you believe that the fact that the other party did not fulfill the terms of the contract caused you such losses.

There are several important rules that will guide the court, and what your counterparty’s lawyer will definitely check:

  • Such damage was indeed caused due to failure to comply with the terms of the contract. That is, the cause-and-effect relationship between these events must be clearly visible;

  • If you knew that the damage would be caused and could have prevented it, but did not deliberately do so, you should not count on compensation;

  • If there are several parties to the contract, it will be necessary to understand exactly whose actions or inaction caused the damage to you and in what order/shares it will need to be recovered;

  • You will need to collect and provide convincing evidence of both the damage itself and the cause of it.

There is also the opportunity to receive money that will compensate for your lost profits, if such was possible. To do this, you will have to analyze the situation in detail and collect documents that confirm the possibility of obtaining benefits. For example, an agreement with another counterparty that you could not fulfill due to a violation of the previous contract. Let's say you were waiting for products so that you could resell them later. Without receiving the products from the first counterparty, you were unable to receive the promised benefits from the second.

A lawyer will analyze the entire situation and determine what you can count on, what evidence will be optimal and how it should be presented.


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Important to know

Legal letter for breach of contract in Ukraine

An interesting question is how exactly to organize the delivery of such a letter. After all, in order to further go to court, you are interested in the defendant receiving the claim, and you have evidence of this in your hands.

Despite the availability of email or other electronic services, the best way is still to send a letter by regular mail so that you have a copy and a document from the post office about the addressed sending of the message.

Since our lawyers prepare the claim, we also organize its sending in order to collect all the necessary evidence.

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Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner