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Settlement of disputes by out-of-court means

What we do

  • We will provide you with advice on such a way of divorce;
  • Analyze your situation and tell you whether this way is possible for you, both from the standpoint of the law, and taking into account the wishes and mood of the parties;
  • We will help to build a strategy to protect your interests;
  • We will prepare you for the process, including, if necessary, negotiating with the other party;
  • We will participate in the mediation process to the extent you need;
  • We will legally document the results of the mediation;
  • We will help with other issues arising in the divorce process.
Settlement of disputes by out-of-court means
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Mediated divorce in Ukraine

If you have started looking for such an option as divorce through mediation, it means that you are ready for a dialog, and you want to solve this issue as peacefully as possible. This is an extremely commendable and wise decision, especially considering how much heartache and time you can save by doing so.

Remember that the mediation process is only possible if both parties agree to it, and you follow such simple rules as mutual respect, willingness to compromise and to listen to the other side.

A mediation lawyer, for his part, will ensure that you not only fully understand the law and how to apply it to your process, but also that it is confidential. You will understand what is going on, why this particular decision was made, and what exactly you are getting as a result of the collaborative process.

Our team will begin with a consultation where we will identify your goals and expectations for the mediation process. We will then break down the process into tasks that can be resolved in mediation and those that need to be addressed separately. We will help to guide you through the entire process, making it as stress-free and complicated as possible.


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    Family attorney and a little more

    We offer the services of the best lawyers in the field of family law. But we’ll give you a little more - you will also get access to specialists in other areas of law, which will be necessary if, when concluding an agreement, you need to define the fate of common real estate or business.
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    Support in every aspect

    Our law firm will help not only with the divorce process, but also with the division of property, agreements on alimony for children or a second spouse, etc. It is only important to correctly divide these tasks and solve them in the right way.


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Out of court settlement in Ukraine

Remember that mediation and court can go hand in hand. It all depends on how you view the mediation process - as the main way of divorce, or as a way to facilitate the process and reduce court proceedings.

The fact is that not all divorces can be done without court involvement. If you have children, for example, you will have to go to court. Even if you both agree on a peaceful divorce and each other's terms. But this process itself can be simplified as much as possible, if you agree to resolve all the nuances with the participation of a mediator, and provide the appropriate agreement in court.

And, in addition to the divorce itself, there are also issues of property division or awarding alimony - they can also be resolved in a calm environment with a mediator.

Mediation as a tool is familiar to foreign citizens living, for example, in the United States. We will help not only to implement this process in Ukraine, but also to record its results for the foreign party.


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Important to know

Collaborative family law process in Ukraine

A mediator is always partly a psychologist. His task is not only to ensure that the decision you have made is legally correct, but also that it satisfies both parties. So that you feel moral satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment, having made such an important decision peacefully.

If you are not 100% sure that the other party is ready for mediation, we can start with a letter to that party and an invitation to negotiate.

Then we will organize the whole process for you step by step, including the technical aspects. For example, obtaining a TIN if one of the parties is a foreigner, and you need to go to a notary to sign the contract. We will also recommend a proven notary and take care of organizing all necessary translations.

Do you need help in settlement of disputes by out-of-court means like mediation? Contact us!


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner