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I want to open a branch of my company in Ukraine: where to start?

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Starting your business in Ukraine, you can go two ways: to open a Ukrainian company, the founder of which will be your foreign company, or to open a branch — a representative office of your company in Ukraine.

A branch is a separate enterprise which will work in Ukraine under special rules. Its opening can provide your business with the following advantages:

  • The possibility of duty-free import of goods and equipment necessary for the work of the representative office;

  • The ability to employ foreign workers in Ukraine in the branch without having to separately apply for work permits for them;

  • The absence of taxes on the transfer of funds to a branch of the parent company.

Of course, before you register a branch office in Ukraine, it is worth understanding not only the registration procedure itself, but whether it will be beneficial to you. You should also have full information on how exactly you can operate a branch in Ukraine, and how to deal with such important issues as the withdrawal of funds to the parent company, hiring employees, payment of taxes, etc.

We offer a team of qualified lawyers to help you register a branch of a foreign company in Ukraine on a turnkey basis. Our main task is not only to register a company for you in the most convenient way, but also to make sure that you are fully prepared to conduct business in Ukraine.

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Registration of a branch of a foreign company in Kiev

The first thing to remember is that a representative office/branch in Ukraine is not a legal entity, which means that it has a special status and rules of operation.

First of all, it is necessary to go through the whole algorithm of branch registration:

  • To formalize the decision of the parent company to establish a representative office in Ukraine;

  • Properly execute the application for registration of the representative office in Ukraine;

  • Obtain a document on registration of the parent company with the corresponding body in the country of registration;

  • To issue a power of attorney for the representative in Ukraine for conducting registration actions;

  • To submit the set of documents for registration in Ukraine;

  • Pay the state fee for registering a representative office in Ukraine;

  • Register the representative office with the local tax authority.

Our company undertakes all the organization of the process and will independently prepare the documents with your approval, pass the power of attorney draft and take care of all translations and their notarization.

Important! In Ukraine there is a list of business activities that are subject to licensing. If the activities of your company fall into this list — you will have to obtain a license to operate a representative office. Unfortunately, a representative office has the right to obtain only a very limited number of licenses, for other activities the best solution will still be the registration of a Ukrainian LLC.

Documents for registration of a representative office are submitted to the Ministry of Economic Development, where they are considered for up to 20 working days. Our lawyers have the opportunity to pre-approve the documents with the specialists of the Ministry of Economic Development, which significantly reduces the risk of refusal for formal reasons.

The cost of registration of a branch of a foreign company in Ukraine in our company starts from 18000 UAH and depends on what set of services you need. We offer services of a nominal director, provision of a legal address and obtaining special permits for foreign employees. 

If you want to open a branch in Ukraine — contact us! We will help you not only with legal advice, but we will take care of the whole process.

You can find full information on opening the branch in Ukraine here.

Views: 979
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