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Is it possible to get information about Your future Ukrainian spouse?

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In our previous material we talked about what it is worth paying attention to when getting a temporary residence permit through marriage in Ukraine.

Today we will talk about more delicate issues related to this topic: how to check your future soulmate in advance? After all, in such situations, it may happen that the person is not who he or she claims to be. These situations don't lead to anything good. Therefore, you want to avoid them in advance, which can be done with the help of reliable specialists. After all, they can help to study the data of the future partner, respecting the maximum anonymity and safety for you.

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This article is also highly recommended for those who could not find a true love in Ukraine, but are inclined to marry a Ukrainian citizen, and, unfortunately, decide to participate in fictitious marriage. This process has a huge number of pitfalls: often people in fictitious marriages are not bound by anything and the marriage can be ended at any time, which can lead to the impossibility of obtaining migration documents in the future.

So, is it possible to gain the information about Your future half?

Of course, there is always a possibility of checking your partner with a polygraph test or, as it’s called - a "lie detector", but not everyone agrees to pass such a test, as it can also spoil Your relationships and show your distrust of your lover. Alas, apart from such a cardinal variant of information collection, there is also a softer variant.

The Ukrainian state provides a number of absolutely legal and efficient mechanisms. For example, there are open registers where it is possible to check the data of Ukrainian citizens. For example, the register of debtors. However, not always the information obtained in this way, indicates directly the bad reputation of a person. Therefore, it is better to play safe and find people who can analyze the information as a whole and give their legal conclusion.

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One way to legally protect yourself is to conclude a marriage contract, which you can sign immediately after submitting your marriage application to the civil register office. Although this is not always 100% protection by all means, it will definitely protect your financial and property status.

In our next article we will talk more about the marriage contract in Ukraine. You can subscribe to our newsletter to receive more information.

Who can help?

Such information can be received with the help of detective agencies. Unfortunately, their activity is not perfectly regulated in Ukraine and can go beyond the law.

Therefore, in order to guarantee the security and legality of the entire procedure, it is better to contact experienced lawyers, who could carry out the verification within the framework of the legislation and without unnecessary fuss.

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Commonly, such job can start with the analysis of the background information. The services also include:

  • previous consultation;
  • analysis and collection of information from all legal sources.

As a result, You will get a detailed report with information about your other half, prepared by our lawyers.

If You need a legal help with getting the information about Your future Ukrainian wife or husband or getting the temporary residence permit in Ukraine, contact us!

Views: 1588
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