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Can a foreigner buy a ready-made public organization in Ukraine?

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In our practice there was an interesting case when we were approached by a foreign client - a person with many years of experience in volunteer organizations - for help in finding a suitable ready-made NGO in Ukraine.

Having an opportunity to participate in a grant competition in Ukraine, and believing in his strength, he needed to get his own public organization, with which he could work for the PA after receiving a grant.

Unfortunately, he could not simply register a new public organization in Ukraine, as only organizations of a certain "age" - one year or more since their creation - were allowed to participate.

The client turned to us, because we have been registering companies with licenses, as well as public and charitable organizations for many years for sale. We can offer ready-made NGOs with non-profit status, with a clean history and "age", because they were created back in 2018.

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How is the process of buying a ready-made public organization in Kyiv?

When choosing an organization, you must remember that it is extremely important to make sure that its history is "clean". We offer you public organizations that were created just for sale - that is, they were registered, after which they were "put on the shelf" - no activities were conducted, and their history remained completely clean. In addition to providing the opportunity to purchase the desired NGO, we can re-register the NGO for you in 2-3 working days.

However, there are other cases, for example, if a condition for participation in the project is a confirmed participation of the GS in similar projects. In this case it is more complicated - the only option may be the purchase of CBO that has already carried out some activities. However, such a situation requires additional verification of the CBO.

Therefore, the second step will be the verification of the organization, if it is needed.

The very process of acquiring an organization comes down to the procedure of re-registration - joining a public organization in Ukraine, about which it will be necessary to make changes to the information about the public organization in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

For registration of changes in the association it is necessary to provide information on the essence of changes in the organization. For example, in case of change of the head or management body a copy of passport and identification code of each member of the management body is required.

By transferring our organizations to new owners, we also offer our services in their re-registration, which includes the preparation of documents and their submission to the state body. 

We will find the best solution for your legal problem in Ukraine. Contact us for professional assistance.

Views: 783
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