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Is it possible to open an electric vehicle charging station in Ukraine

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Every day more and more drivers choose electric cars in Ukraine. This creates a corresponding demand for opening charging stations for electric cars for both personal and commercial (business) purposes.

We will talk about the possibility of registering a company that will use electricity for commercial purposes, for example, to open Your own business with electric charging stations.

The whole process of connecting and installing electric charging stations can be divided into several stages, which we will briefly consider.

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Is it profitable to open an electric charging station in Ukraine?

The average cost of electricity supplied to legal entities is about four UAH.  

Calculations per 100 kilowatts:

  • 4 UAH * 100 kilowatt = 400 UAH per 100 kilowatt (legal entity);
  • 1,5 UAH * 100 kilowatts = 150 UAH per 100 kilowatts (physical person).

Thus, it turns out that at 100 kilowatts, individuals save about 150 - 200 UAH. 

But when doing business, you will need to join the rapidly developing energy market. In this case, you need to decide what will be cheaper: to buy electricity on the market yourself or through intermediaries?

According to our experience, most often independent registration on the electricity market, and thus obtaining a license for electricity supply, will give you more opportunities and will be more profitable.

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Installation of electric charging stations for business

Here are some options for optimizing this business in Ukraine: 

  • Company registration in Ukraine;
  • Obtainment of a license for the sale of electricity;
  • Inclusion of the company in the electric energy market of Ukraine;
  • Hiring a person who will conduct trading on the appropriate platforms.

With the launch of electricity and its purchase on the day-ahead market, on the intraday market, and on the market of bilateral contracts, it is possible to save up to 30% of the cost of purchasing electricity for electric cars. 

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Passing all these stages will allow you to choose your own contractors, analyze prices on the electricity market, buy and sell it at the most convenient price for you.

The electricity market is a developing area in Ukraine, which gives many chances to those who know how to use them.

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