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Corporate legal services

Corporate law is one of the major practices of our law firm. Significant experience of our corporate law firm in regard to registration of companies and foreign representative offices in Ukraine allows us to offer clients comprehensive and up to date advisory services on the matters of doing business in Ukraine, creative solutions on business registration and subsequent legal support of its activities as well as clear timeframes of such projects completion.

Legal services for business that we provide are always of comprehensive nature which means that our clients do not have to worry about search of nominal director (nominee), nominal business registration address, obtainment of work permits (employment permits), other legal or accounting services during the initial stages of company’s functioning. For those of our clients who want to open business primarily for the purposes of extensive stay in Ukraine we also help to acquire residence permits (temporary and permanent) as well as individual registration address.

Also, we apply complex approach to matters of business liquidation (closing) in Ukraine. We understand that the process of Ukrainian company or branch office (representative office) dissolving can last for years and thus in addition to standard and expedited timeframes for business closure we also offer such unique services as transfer of business ownership to nominal owners and managers, change of company’s name and legal (registration) address. This allows our clients to have one fixed cost of business closing in Ukraine.

Though at times similar in procedure, legal services (including registration) and support of not-for-profit organizations in Ukraine, accreditation of international non-governmental organizations are of totally different nature and therefore require special expertise. You can find our services and experience on the matter in corresponding section of our website.

By following the links below you can learn more about particular services of our law firm within the practice of corporate law in Ukraine.

What we do

What our corporate law attorneys do

When registering business in Ukraine:

  • assist with choosing form of legal entity (organizational form) that would be optimal for doing business in Ukraine as well as help to understand how to structure business in Ukraine – through a subsidiary or a representative office of foreign company;
  • advise on the matters of shareholders’ rights protection, including drafting of shareholders agreements;
  • help to enter into and formalize labor relations with director (CEO or other managing position) of a company or its subsidiary/branch, assist in creating optimal corporate management structure, provide comprehensive legal advices on distribution of powers between different management bodies of a company;
  • advise on how to form company assets with different types of property as well as how to protect the assets from possible illegal takeovers;
  • provide legal advices on the matters of taxation e.g. optimal system of taxation, advantages and disadvantages of different systems of taxation, existing state fees and duties, tax exemptions and preferences that are in force in Ukraine;
  • get all the necessary documentation for employment of foreign management as well as other categories of foreign employees at Ukrainian companies and if necessary temporary residence permits for such employees;

 For the already functioning businesses:

  • secure business transactions related to transfer of corporate rights (buy-in, buy-out);
  • draft new versions of companies’ charters (articles of incorporation), register changes of charter capital amount (authorized capital), company name, business registration address, change of management bodies and their members, opening and closing of subsidiaries/branches;
  • support squeeze-out, sell-out and other procedures when a member/shareholder leaves the company, including state registration of such changes;
  • advise on the matters of investment structuring;
  • advise on optimization of corporate structure for a group of companies, creation and restructuring of holding companies, concerns, different types of corporations etc.
  • support mergers and acquisitions in Ukraine (M&A in Ukraine), corporate spin-offs (spin-outs) as well as other corporate reorganization procedures.  

For businesses (legal entities and representative offices) that decided to terminate their commercial activities in Ukraine:

  • provide comprehensive support of procedures related to business termination in Ukraine, including provision of liquidator’s services;
  • if necessary our firm provides guaranties regarding particular deadlines of business closure in Ukraine;
  • provide services of nominal shareholders (members) and business managers for the period of liquidation procedure, cover accounting and tax reports filing;
  • support bankruptcy procedures as well as financial rehabilitation of companies undergoing bankruptcy.

More about corporate law practice

Corporate law in Ukraine is a diversified area of law dealing with a variety of issues.

Services that are provided by our corporate lawyers within corporate law practice are aimed at dealing with different issues of foreign business functioning in Ukraine such as:

  • choosing optimal type of legal entity (organizational form) for future business e.g. LLC (limited liability company), JSC (joint stock company), representative office of foreign company etc.;
  • complete all the necessary business registration procedures;
  • provide required nominal services (nominal address and nominal manager);
  • assistance to companies in organizing the import or export of goods to Ukraine, resolving issues with custom duties, optimizing taxation and much more;
  • provide subsequent legal and accounting support of day-to-day business activities.

Also our law firm specializes in such corporate law issues as:

  • mergers and acquisitions in Ukraine;
  • business restructuring;
  • liquidation of legal entities and representative offices.

Our attorneys have acted as legal advisors in a number of buyout deals, including due diligence of such transactions ensuring their safety for both buying and selling parties.

When deciding to work with us you gain a reliable corporate lawyer and partner not only at the initial stage of business registration but during the entire business functioning in Ukraine.

Another advantage of our law firm is that we pay special attention to matters of optimal taxation form for doing business in Ukraine or help with custom calculation if your company deals with import or export operations. Also, we are very thorough when it comes to formalizing labor relations with foreign employees in Ukraine.

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