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I'm married to a Ukrainian for more than 2 years: residence permit?

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Many people know that getting married to a citizen of Ukraine gives a foreigner the right to get a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. On the one hand — it is convenient, you can stay in Ukraine for more than 90 days in a row, to enter and leave at will. But at the same time, this residence permit must be constantly renewed.

And not many foreigners are aware that after two years of marriage to a Ukrainian citizen, you can apply for a permit to immigrate and get a permanent residence permit in Ukraine. And this is an opportunity to get a permit for 10 years at once, and many other advantages.

Today we will consider in more detail why it may be more convenient to obtain a residence permit, and under what conditions you can obtain it.

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Who can get a permanent residence permit based on marriage, and what is the benefit of such a permit ?

So, you can get a permit only if your marriage is more than two years old. The country of registration is not important, it does not have to be Ukraine. However, if you were married in another country, the certificate or other document that confirms this fact should be translated and the translation should be legalized.

In this case, you will have to meet the general requirements, such as the legality of stay in Ukraine and the validity of your passport.

The very basis — staying married for more than 2 years, makes it possible to get a permit much faster than usual — to go from temporary to permanent residence can only take 2 years + 1 year waiting for permission to immigrate.

Important! We are talking about a permanent residence permit, this, on the one hand, gives you many advantages, but on the other hand - requires patience. After all, the review of documents can take up to 1 year.

If a foreigner is abroad, you will need to properly invite him. For this purpose, our lawyers will prepare an invitation and, if necessary, documents for obtaining a C visa. After you enter Ukraine, the main procedure begins — immigration.

Despite the very long waiting period, this does not mean that you have to wait while staying abroad. No. It is important to meet all deadlines and get your Immigration Permit in time. With it, you can safely stay on the territory of Ukraine, waiting for permanent residence.

If you want to legalize your stay in Ukraine — contact us. We will help you even if you have no grounds for a residence permit.

Views: 1144