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How to change participants when selling a Ukrainian company?

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In the process of selling a company in Ukraine, if not one but all participants leave the company, it is necessary to change them. Today we will tell you more about the procedure that you will have to go through and the important nuances that you need to prepare for.

The process of transferring a LLC in Ukraine to new owners takes place in three stages:

1. Conclusion of the sale-purchase agreement and notarization of the signatures of the parties on the act of acceptance and transfer. 

At this stage it will be necessary not only to check the counterparty, but also to perform the following actions:

  • carry out the development of an agreement on the sale and purchase of a share in LLC;

  • prepare documents for state registration of all changes.

2. Registration of changes in information about participants.

Important! The signatures of the parties when transferring the rights to a share in the LLC must be certified by a notary.

The registration procedure itself, with proper preparation, will take only 1-2 days. You can prepare the documents after signing the contract in a couple of hours.

3. Registration of the change of information on final beneficiaries and the new edition of the Charter.

Is it difficult to sell a company in Ukraine and withdraw from the membership?

In essence, the procedure is quite simple, and it is possible to transfer a company in Ukraine within a week. But this is if all the documents are in order and the company itself has no questions from the controlling authorities. 

If the company is a working big business, when the shares of the participants in the authorized capital are large, when profits can bring considerable dividends - a careless attitude to the transaction and registration of its consequences can lead to serious losses. The same applies when the participant in the LLC is a foreigner or a foreign company.

Our lawyers will take care not only of the correct execution of all documents, but will also organize all the stages of the sale of the LLC, as well as advise the best time and procedure to achieve your goal.

The change of founders of the company may be refused!

Transfer to the company may be refused under the following conditions:

  • If the person submitting the documents to the registrar is not authorized to do so (this situation may arise in the case of an incorrect algorithm for changing the participants and head of the LLC);

  • The corporate rights of the LLC are under judicial seizure;

  • The documents submitted for registration of changes do not meet the requirements of the legislation;

  • The procedure of transfer of corporate rights of participants is not observed.

This is not the whole list of reasons, there may be others. Our company will make sure that the whole procedure will take place in the time you need and without unnecessary problems.

Views: 872
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