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Preparation of the franchise agreement in Ukraine

What we do

  • Advise you on the general rules and risks of this type of agreement in Ukraine;
  • Will analyze the contract you plan to sign;
  • We will offer our edits based on your interests and goals;
  • We will tell you about the risks that we see for you in the future and how they can be minimized;
  • If possible, we will negotiate on your behalf;
  • Analyze the business itself and its owner, whose franchise you plan to receive;
  • Help with further legal registration of the business;
  • Help you in case of an international franchise;
  • Help to develop a concepy of the franchise and package it.
Preparation of the franchise agreement
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Franchise agreement contract in Ukraine

Even before analyzing the contract, the first thing you should do, and what a lawyer will help you with, is to analyze the benefits and risks of the franchise itself for you.

Remember that the franchise itself has a number of disadvantages or risks that everyone will face:

1. Your business will always depend on how the franchise owner behaves and how his business is doing - after all, you work under his brand;

2. You need to be prepared for large financial costs at the start;

3. You will not be able to manage the business to the fullest extent, because you will work within the restrictions that the franchisor sets for you. Yes, the income will be yours, but you will not be able to radically change the business itself if you want to.

And these are just basic problems, but every business has its own pitfalls, which a lawyer will help you discover even before you dive headfirst into this story.

The agreement itself must describe in as much detail as possible the relationship of the parties and the conditions under which the franchise is transferred. This means not only payment terms or terms, but also such aspects as the territory of coverage, special restrictions or conditions for resolving various types of conflicts possible between the parties. All this can only be taken into account if you know how it works in practice in a particular country. We know and will help you.


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    Legal management

    Our lawyers will manage the entire franchise licensing process so you can focus on business and profit.
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    Any types of agreements

    We have experience working with all types of franchises and will help at any stage.


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International franchise contract in Ukraine

It is absolutely no problem to conclude an agreement in Ukraine, which provides for the purchase of a franchise from abroad, or vice versa - the creation of a franchise that will operate in another country. A common mistake for a franchise owner is to try to create a product and contract that will immediately specify and cover several countries. This is fraught with risks of simply “missing” a trade mark that already exists somewhere, or not taking into account certain legal requirements.

Remember, the more specific and clear the clauses of your contract are, the more personalized they are, the greater the level of protection for you.

An important issue will be the residency of the franchisor to optimize taxation.


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Important to know

Preparation of franchise contract in Ukraine

Our lawyers help not only those who want to purchase a franchise, but also those who just want to create one. Before the war, Ukraine was experiencing a real boom in this area, and little by little, the situation is again beginning to turn in a positive direction. Therefore, if you:

  • Know your client well and clearly understand who he is;

  • You have a unique idea or product, and have honed the entire process to perfection;

  • You have a functioning business that is well known and highly valued by the local buyer;

  • We are ready to make a profit for your idea.

You may want to consider starting a franchise.

But at this point you must understand that transferring a franchise is not just about signing an agreement and allowing another businessman to do as you do, under your brand. No. You must actually package your business as a finished product and hand it over to another person with as many details as possible - from how the business should look externally in order to be recognized, to the internal scripts for the work of the staff.

In addition, you need to take care of registering your business as a franchise in order to be able to legally transfer it to another entrepreneur and not risk losing your business due to a cunning counterparty. This includes working with intellectual property and protecting your business in all possible legal ways.

Our team consists of specialists in a variety of areas of law, including accounting and tax law, which means you can receive full comprehensive support for the development of your product.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner