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I want to register a youth organization in Ukraine: how to do it?

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Youth and children's organizations in Ukraine are a subset of public organizations whose purpose is to protect the economic, social, spiritual and other common interests of the participants. Thus, Ukrainian youth organizations include scouting organizations, various student organizations, youth sports organizations, etc.

Registration of a youth organization in Ukraine is an opportunity to interest young people with a question or an idea. What should be kept in mind when registering a youth or children's organization in Ukraine?

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The process of establishing a youth or children's organization in Ukraine

The founders of a youth organization in Ukraine may be both citizens of Ukraine and foreigners, and a minor who has reached the age of 14 (legally capable) may become a founder.

To register a youth organization, you must go through the following steps:

  • Holding a general meeting of founders, at which a Protocol with the decision to register the organization is drawn up. Such a document must be properly executed, because it will be considered by the state registrars.

  • Preparation of the package of documents. At this stage our lawyer will prepare the package of documents. The documents must be submitted for registration within 60 days after the general meeting of founders.

  • Registration of youth organization. Documents are submitted to the territorial body of the Ministry of Justice and considered there, as a rule, within 1-3 days. Then a decision is made on whether or not to register the youth organization.

A necessary step can also be to obtain a non-profit status for a youth organization - to do this, you must apply to the tax office with the appropriate application.

If you, as a foreigner, want to work in a youth organization, we will help you to arrange it, including providing you with services to legalize your stay in Ukraine.

Do you want to register a youth organization in Ukraine? Contact us! We will help you develop all the necessary documents for your organization and accompany the whole procedure, including obtaining a non-profit status.

Views: 979
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