VAT related accounting

What we do

  • We will understand whether your activity requires VAT or whether there is a possibility to optimize taxation;

  • We will help you to formalize the status of a VAT payer in Ukraine;

  • We will monitor the moment of forced transition to VAT payment;

  • We will organize the accounting system for the company - VAT payer;

  • If you do not want to become a VAT payer, we will analyze your transition risks and offer legal options for your business;

  • If you plan to stop paying VAT, we will help you with this issue;

  • We will provide advice from a tax lawyer to optimize the tax burden for the company as a whole.

VAT related accounting
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VAT accounting services in Ukraine

VAT status is the status you can get for your company when you pay value-added tax.

It is not always mandatory - in most cases you can choose whether you want to obtain this status. It is mandatory to pay VAT for a number of activities in Ukraine, as well as if your company's annual turnover (income) exceeds UAH 1 million.

As lawyers, we also recommend obtaining the status of VAT payer for those companies whose main counterparties are already VAT payers.

If you are just registering a company, it can be registered without such status. But then, in the course of work, if you increase your turnover, it may be necessary to switch to another taxation system and pay VAT. If, say, you want to obtain such a status for an existing company, the documents must be prepared and submitted by the 20th day of the month before the month in which you want to start paying VAT.


  • plus

    Legal support

    Our company is a close-knit team of specialists in various fields of law. When accompanying VAT payers, not only a professional accountant will take part, but also a lawyer - a tax specialist.
  • plus

    Full record keeping

    We will help you not only obtain status, but also organize the entire accounting system in your company. Entries, documentation storage, reporting, activity monitoring, tax payment, etc.


Our lawyers will advise you!

Ask a lawyer

When are you required to pay VAT?

There are two factors that may oblige an existing company to switch to paying VAT. As we said above, this is exceeding the threshold of 1 million hryvnia within 12 months. That is, the amount and terms are 1 calendar year.

An exception to the rule may be, for example, if you exceeded the specified amount, but at the same time you received income from transactions that are not subject to VAT in Ukraine - these also exist. This requires painstaking work by an experienced accountant and lawyer in order to bring together all the company's operations.

For foreign companies that plan to operate in Ukraine, it is worth considering the fact that for a number of transactions you will have to pay VAT even if you are not registered as a VAT payer. For example, if you provide services in Ukraine as a foreign legal entity.


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Important to know

For companies that do business with foreign clients

In Europe, as well as in Ukraine, there is a concept of VAT tax and there is an obligation to pay it for certain types of activities. For example, if you import goods into the EU or provide services.

But if you have already paid VAT in Ukraine, and your counterparties are companies or individuals in the EU, will you have to pay taxes on the second round?

Not necessarily - it all depends on how you build your activity, who is your client or counterparty (its place of registration), and whether it is possible to avoid double taxation in each specific situation. Our lawyers and accountants will help to sort this out.

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Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner