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Legal services for start-up in Ukraine

What we do

  • Prepare everything to start a business: a new company, trademark, brand;
  • Develop a system for organizing the labor process for you, and we will advise you on how to get employees to work based on your business plan;
  • If your activity requires licenses or permits, we will obtain them for you;
  • Analyze or prepare of draft contracts that will be needed in your work;
  • Prepare you for concluding agreements with investors;
  • Check investors and their reputation;
  • We will consider the possibility of obtaining grants for you;
  • Help you with participation in tenders;
  • We offer comprehensive project services, including accounting;
  • Provide consulting services in any area of law.
Legal services for start-up in Ukraine
from 400 USD

Legal services for start up in Ukraine

A startup is always about young energy, creativity, the desire to make something new and prove your capabilities. We know that you are faced with difficult tasks that perhaps no one could solve before you. Having to be distracted by legal tasks without the proper education or skill only distracts and slows you down.

What’s even more unpleasant is that ignorance of certain “rules of the game” can jeopardize the safety of your project, your original idea, or the contributions of your investors.

That’s why we offer a package of services for startups that will help minimize your risks at the start, while you can focus on your creativity without being distracted by legal details.

Depending on the direction of the startup, you may be faced with dozens of tasks that require the participation of a lawyer:

1. How to legally work with cryptocurrency?

2. How to take care of investment security in advance?

3. How to work with personal data?

4. Can I count on government support, and how can I formalize this legally?

5. How to determine the tax residence of employees if they are located in different countries

And many other questions that we will help you find answers to.


  • plus

    All services in one place

    You can get advice on all legal issues that concern you from us. A start up faces a large number of problems and pitfalls, including due to the fact that the sphere is not 100% regulated. We will offer you the services of a lawyer from any area of law.
  • plus

    We warn you about possible risks

    Having experience working with startups, as well as specialists in the fields of corporate, labor, tax, migration, and investment law, we can tell you what risks your startup will face and how you can minimize them at the start.


Our lawyers will advise you!

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What  to expect from lawyers for start ups in Ukraine?

We divide our services into two stages:

  1. Finding a solution for registering a startup.

  2. Solving problems that arise in a startup.

We always start with a consultation to better understand your concept, business plan, and the product you plan to work with. This is what will give us an understanding of what particular form of activity is suitable for you, how best to organize the legal system of work, and what additional levels of protection you may need. After all, the main vector will be the goals of your project, and from there you can develop a suitable way to implement them - through the registration of one enterprise or a combination of several, etc.

Already at this stage you will need to think about such basic things as:

  • Project financing - where will you get funds and how to attract investors;

  • If a project has several founders, how will you legally secure this partnership and the possibility of exiting it without damaging the project?

  • Intellectual property issues, or how will you protect your idea itself?

Most startups find themselves in unpleasant situations precisely because, at the registration stage, such issues seemed too complicated and distant to them. Everything was organized around friendship and trust, basically on verbal agreements. But a successful idea brings a quick takeoff, and with it all the flaws and shortcomings made at an early stage appear.

We know what situations you may encounter and will ensure that their impact on you is minimal.


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Important to know

Legal advice for business start ups in Ukraine

After registering a startup, the next stage will begin for you - turning your ideas into reality. And here, too, you cannot avoid legal nuances that cannot simply be brushed aside.

The first thing you shouldn’t joke with in order to avoid troubles with government agencies is the employment of personnel. Even if you are starting with a small, close-knit team that wants to do something and see what happens, you should take care of the formal employment of the participants. Depending on the size of your team, what functions its members will perform and how you plan to build an internal chain of command, we can offer several organizational options from traditional employment to concluding civil contracts and working as private entrepreneurs.

The second problem for you may be accounting and the issue of taxes, especially if there are atypical transactions, working with cryptocurrencies, the need to work with royalties, etc.

In such a situation, we offer comprehensive services with accounting for a startup, taking into account all its organizational features. What is convenient for you in this case is constant access to a corporate and tax lawyer who will help you get out of controversial situations.

And, of course, startups must be prepared for litigation, no matter how much they would like to avoid it.

If you have any questions about organizing the work of a startup in Ukraine, we will be happy to help you.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner