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Terms of the investment agreement in Ukraine

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You are an entrepreneur who sees an opportunity to multiply your funds by investing in an existing Ukrainian business or startup. Today there is indeed such an opportunity, because Ukraine is fighting for its freedom, and after victory - many projects will both return and originate in its market of services and goods. Not to mention the state and international subsidies that many industries and businesses will receive.

Of course, it is important not only to have the desire and ability to invest, but also to secure your investments in advance. Many people are familiar with the term "investment agreement". Today we will talk about what this phrase means in Ukraine, and what rules should be followed when signing an investment agreement.

In the legal field of Ukraine, this term is not clearly fixed, which means that various transactions involving investments can be called an investment agreement. Herein lies the danger - not having clear rules of regulation, and not knowing the rules of local legislation, you may not take into account important nuances, which will cost you your investment.

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Is there a safe investment scheme in Ukraine? 

The scheme and security of investment depends on how many investors plan to participate, what kind of participation and rights investors will have, and how the parties see their cooperation. For example, crowdsourcing or business cooperation with the purchase of shares in an active business is popular among foreign investors in Ukraine.

It is possible, for example, to make a profit from managing other people's property. The more atypical your project is, the more detailed should be all the conditions in the contract. 

It is important to remember about protecting the assets of the Ukrainian business, as well as the safety of profit for the investor and the possibility of withdrawal of funds under the terms of the contract. That is to say, it is worth searching for a balance between the interest of investors and the institutional stability of the Ukrainian enterprise.

If you want to conduct your business in Ukraine safely - contact us. We will help you not only to calculate all the risks, but also to develop for you a scheme of making a profit.

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Views: 503