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The best lawyer in your region in Kyiv: Legal services for foreign clients in Ukraine

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Our company is based in Kyiv, Ukraine and provides a wide range of legal services to foreign clients who are planning to conduct their business or otherwise link their future with Ukraine.

Our services include:

  • registration of business or non-profit organizations in Kyiv;

  • migration lawyer in Kyiv for seeking residence permit, permanent residence permit, citizenship, issuing visas and invitations;

  • consultations tax lawyer in Kyiv;

  • accounting and legal service of companies in Kyiv and all over Ukraine;

  • purchase of ready-made business in Ukraine and other.

This is an introductory text with case studies from our lawyers, which will bring you a little closer to how we approach our work. We are a trusted legal partner in Kyiv. 

If you would like to learn more about our services or want a solution to your specific problem, please contact us at your convenience.

Contacts are fixed in the contacts section and at the top of the website page.

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Lawyer for business: advice and assistance in practice

One of the areas in which we actively work with our clients is tax consultancy. This is relevant to those clients who are planning to start a business in Ukraine, or who are already doing so. It is also useful for those foreigners who plan to live in Ukraine for at least half a year - there is the issue of tax residency.

For example, we were approached by a client who was planning to invest in a Ukrainian company. Essentially, he was an investor who wanted to provide the company with funds to buy equipment. He wanted to contribute a certain amount to the share capital of the company.

However, after our analysis of the situation, we came to the conclusion that such a contribution could do more harm than good to the company. Problems could arise in determining the shares of other participants and, moreover, such an investment did not protect the Client's right to recover it.

We offered the client to provide the Ukrainian company with repayable financial aid through an agreement of the same name. By granting the loan, the Client could recover the funds over time and had leverage over the LLC.

This fully met the Client's needs and objectives. We accompanied the transfer of funds and designed documentation to accompany the process.

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Legal services in Kyiv for contract drafting

Contractual relationships are the foundation of the business world. There are many types of contracts. There are even more - the nuances of drafting and concluding them. Do you want to make sure that the contract protects your interests? Ask a lawyer to check its text, or better - draw up the entire contract and negotiate with the lawyer of the other party to the contract.

For example, a lease agreement - our client wanted a franchise to sell a type of dessert. At the same time, he wanted to enter into a lease agreement for premises in one of the shopping centres where he planned to keep a dessert outlet.

As a result, the business did not take off, and the client decided to look for another outlet to rent, but to do so he had to break the previous contract. And that's where the problems surfaced. Renting a space of 5 square metres in a shopping centre, he had signed a contract whose terms and conditions were the same as those usually applied to premises of 500+ square metres. That is, the contract was simply downloaded from the internet and provided for obligations:

  • guarantee payment for 3 months;

  • early termination fee;

  • percentage of sales and marketing fees.

Of course, at the termination stage, it is already difficult to correct anything if a person has thoughtlessly signed a lease. It was only through negotiation that we managed to reduce the fine to the amount of one month's rent.

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Business registration in Kyiv 

One of our most popular services, apart from obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine, is assistance with business registration and further support.

For example, you want to open your own business - a restaurant or a semi-finished food production facility. You can consult your friends or read the statistics on the internet. But we are talking about a different country, with its own rules for doing business. No-one is better placed to help than a professional lawyer. 

Lawyers can help you:

  • see if this business is going to be profitable for you;

  • clarify in advance the situation with taxes and the withdrawal of funds from Ukraine;

  • create a business;

  • establish business processes;

  • help with contracts, employment of employees, etc.

We can always start our cooperation through consultation. Contact our specialists for personal legal advice in Kyiv.

Views: 575