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Get tax identification number in Ukraine

What we do

  • We will tell you about the procedure and how it will go for you;
  • We independently prepare all the documents and make translations - you only need your passport and personal data;
  • Organize the entire process remotely;
  • Prepare a draft power of attorney and tell you how to draw it up;
  • Submit the documents to the tax office and wait for the TIN to be issued;
  • Advise you on your main goals and plans in Ukraine;
  • Help you make your desire, for which the TIN was issued, come true.
TIN number in Ukraine
from 300 USD

Tax identification number in Ukraine

You are almost guaranteed to encounter a requirement to provide a TIN in Ukraine if your plans for the country include something more than just a tourist visit. All actions that involve your identification in Ukraine will require such a document. Starting from opening a bank account and concluding virtually any agreement.

The procedure itself is very simple; you don’t even need an impressive list of documents. But our foreign clients still prefer to do it through us. The reason is simple - to obtain a TIN you will have to spend time at the Ukrainian tax office, which, on the one hand, requires knowledge of the Ukrainian language, and on the other, incredible patience.

Everything becomes much easier with an established procedure and organization of work through lawyers and their assistants. For our clients, this saves time and nerves. Of course, we ourselves will organize the translation of the passport into Ukrainian.


  • plus

    TIN remotely

    We organize the entire procedure in such a way that you do not have to come to Ukraine just to obtain an individual taxpayer code. This way you will save time on further procedures.
  • plus

    All services in one place

    Registration of a tax individual code is usually just the tip of the iceberg. This document is required for many procedures in Ukraine, including the purchase of real estate or marriage registration. We will not only help you obtain a TIN, but we will also organize for you the procedure for which you are applying for it.


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Personal identification number in Ukraine

One of the frequent questions we encounter is the possibility of restoring a TIN for a foreigner in Ukraine. A simple situation - a person has already carried out a certain transaction in Ukraine, for example, bought an apartment. At that time, a TIN was issued for him. But several years passed and the document was simply lost. Now the foreigner has visited the country again, for example, with the desire to sell an apartment. What to do with a lost document?

It's very simple - the number assigned to you always remains yours. This means that it is very easy to obtain a duplicate of it - all this is also done through the tax authorities. Our company, if the tax office operates uninterruptedly, can arrange for obtaining a TIN within 1 day.

By the way, minors can also receive a TIN, if required, for this you will only need to add children’s documents, such as a birth certificate and the passport of at least one of the parents.


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Important to know

TIN number for foreigners in Ukraine

Working with us, you will know exactly how the procedure will go for you and understand what stage you are at.

Having agreed on receiving the TIN, we will sign an agreement with you and prepare a power of attorney. Then, in the shortest possible time, you will receive the document you need.

When providing services for obtaining a residence permit or permanent residence, usually obtaining a tax number is included in the cost of the service, because this is a given.

That is why we will talk with you about your plans in Ukraine in general and help you create a correct, effective and profitable plan for you.

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Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner