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Represent spouses in court during divorce proceedings

What we do

  • We will advise you on the possible ways of solving your case;
  • Analyze your situation and suggest the best way;
  • We will help with the formation of evidence and collection of necessary documents;
  • If possible, we will discuss with the other party the option of settlement without court;
  • We will help with the development of a notarized contract;
  • We will help with the preparation of a lawsuit;
  • Protect your interests in any chosen option of divorce;
  • We will take care of the legal protection of the interests of children;
  • Help with the development of a strategy for your defense;
  • We will provide consultations not only with a family attorney, but also with lawyers in other areas of law.
Represent spouses in court during divorce proceedings
from 800 USD

Lawyer represent in a divorce in Ukraine

Divorce is hard on your nerves and mental strength in any case. Even if it is a mutual desire of two people - the process itself will be difficult. As from a moral point of view, as well from a legal point of view. Especially if it is burdened by the presence of children, common property or different citizenship of the parties. Today, a common situation is that spouses stay in different countries during a divorce.

We offer you to get rid of at least part of the burden of this process - our law firm will undertake the search for the best way for you and full legal registration of the entire process.

This will allow you to go through your divorce with confidence in your legal security. We can also provide you with any post-divorce and property division legal services if you need them - selling or registering real estate title, taking a stake out of a business, etc.


  • plus

    Divorce from a foreigner

    Our team has extensive experience working with foreigners, including in divorce proceedings. This requires knowledge of international legislation, an understanding of how it works in practice not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.
  • plus

    Legal team

    You will receive best legal assistance not only from a family lawyer, but also advice from lawyers in a variety of areas of law. And this is always useful during a divorce if you have common property, business, etc.


Our lawyers will advise you!

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Legal divorce consultation in Ukraine

If you've already thought about divorce, you probably know that the terms and ease depends on two factors:

  • Whether you have children together;

  • Whether both partners agree to the divorce.

We are not touching now on the issue of property division - these two issues are better not to mix at all, and in the court (if we are talking about the court) to file two different lawsuits. This will also be explained to you by a lawyer at the consultation.

The fastest option - divorce through the civil registry office (RAGS), the application for which can now be submitted online. But only the application, the divorce will have to come in person. But this is only in the happy case, if the situation is as simple as possible. In all others - it is necessary to apply to the court.

The lawyer in this case will not only help you to defend your rights, but will also come in handy in unexpected situations. For example, understanding the judicial processes, the second party can try to delay judicial consideration, or try to mess with you in other ways. Our experienced team will help you avoid such risks, and mecome your legal shield.


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Important to know

Legal aid lawyers for divorce in Ukraine

Remember, there is no such thing as a hopeless situation. We can help even with difficult cases such as:

  • Divorce without your involvement;

  • Divorce if you are abroad.

And of course, the most common case is divorce without the consent of the other partner.

We will start with an introductory consultation, where you will better know the lawyer with whom you will work, and the lawyer - more deeply understand your situation and will highlight for himself the main aspects of the case.

After that, the lawyer will collect all possible information and build for you a special tactic, taking into account the requirements of the law and your interests. We will approach your problem comprehensively, we will not forget about the division of property, or about alimony. We will simply break it down into separate tasks and solve each one by putting the puzzle together.

If you plan to divorce in court, not in Ukraine, we can help and in such a situation, finalizing after the process in the necessary order in the Ukrainian state bodies.

If you are married to a Ukrainian citizen, we can also help you determine the consequences of such a divorce for you as a foreigner.

Do you need the help of a professional divorce lawyer in Ukraine? Contact us!


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner